Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thankful Tree

I never usually do much decorating for Thanksgiving, even though I have hosted it at my home a few times. A cute table setting maybe, but not much else. The whole idea is that it is a simple, easy, no pressure occasion right? I mean, cooking a turkey IS a lot of pressure...but you know what I mean. I love seeing ideas for ways to decorate for the holiday, while still keeping it simple and focused on what the holiday is about. Poor Thanksgiving seems to get left out in the decor department. It jumps from Halloween to Christmas every year! I really like the idea of a "Thankful Tree" to be put up as decoration and to get people really thinking about all the gifts and blessings they have to be thankful for. I really like this cute one from Simply Vintage Girl. This is our first year doing it and I already know I want to continue the tradition every year. It is great because everyone can put what they are thankful for on the tree, in their own time and as they think of things throughout the month. And if you wanted to, you could read all of the "leaves" aloud during Thanksgiving dinner. Its a nice alternative to sitting around the table and being forced to come up with something you are thankful for on the spot. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway, its simple, its cute, its totally fitting and here is the how to.

You will need:
Various kinds of card stock in "Fall" colors. I used scrapbook paper as well.
A Mason jar
Small branches (Preferably ones that have already fallen off the tree, otherwise your neighbors will think you are crazy while you try to break of the branches off a live tree! Yep! That was me!)

1. Cut branches to size and arrange in the mason jar. Tie a bow with raffia or ribbon around the jar to add a pretty element.

2. Place somewhere in the house where family members will see it and be reminded to think about what they are grateful for.
3. Cut out "leaf" shapes and punch holes through the end of each one. The simpler leaf shape the better, because you have to make quite a few. Place in a bowl alongside the tree with a pen.

4. Inform family members what they are supposed to do (write what they are thankful for on the leaves and hang on the tree) and hopefully, by Thanksgiving, you will have a tree full of "leaves" showing all the gratefulness in your family!

What things are you grateful for?

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