Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fresh Rhubarb Tart

The most exciting thing every Spring is that the farmer's markets begin opening up. I love perusing the market seeing all the beautiful (and huge!) fresh farmed vegetables and the gorgeous cut flowers. Not to mention its usually a good place to find amazing food trucks that are always too good to pass up. I never had much interest in Rhubarb in the past. But last year I thought it looked so intriguing at the market that I just had to buy some and see what it was all about. It was the first thing on my list of things to get at the market this year. You can use it to make compote, tarts, pies, syrups. Usually all sweet things; since eating it raw is not so tasty. Although you may not know it, its actually a vegetable! And another strange side note, you can't eat the green tops because they are toxic! Weird! Anyway, after making a tart last year with this mysterious vegetable I've pretty much decided to make it a yearly thing. Its so delicious! I have used 2 different recipes, but the one I made this year was my favorite. Here it is. Its a little bit of a lengthy recipe, (and in truth I didn't bake my crust for as long as they did) but it is well worth the effort. I would suggest making this for when you are expecting company, as it doesn't last longer than a day, but then you could always just eat it yourself.....I won't tell.
Now the reason the cream is oozing out is because I was too impatient to wait for the rhubarb to cool before layering it on top. It still tasted delicious, but if you are wanting a more clean presentation, I would not be a ravenous freak and just wait for the freaking rhubarb to cool.

 If you haven't tried Rhubarb before, try it out this year! You won't be sorry.