Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine Ideas

Good Afternoon friends! I'm betting that a lot of you have already made or bought your valentines by now, (Valentines is this weekend for goodness sake!) but if you haven't and you need some ideas for teacher's gifts and friends I thought I would show you what we did last year and this year to give you a little inspiration.

Last year for Princess's school friends, we dressed her up in her Valentine's finest, took a picture of her with her hand out and then printed the picture off. Then we glued it to some pretty cardstock and I stamped the words, "I'm a sucker for you!" Then we cut holes around her hand and stuck a sucker through. The end result was better than I expected and everyone loved them. Here are some pics of how they turned out.

Super cute, easy and cheap! Nothing's better than that!

We also made some salt dough heart necklaces for all of her girlfriends, but I didn't take any good pictures of those. But if you want to do something like that here is the recipe we used from Amazing Mae.

Then for her teachers, I stamped the words "Will you Bee mine?" onto plain cardstock, with a bee stamp replacing the words "Bee". Then attached Burt's Bee's goodies, such as lotion and lip balm. If I were a teacher I would much rather have that then candy. Ok, fine love candy, but I prefer to buy my own. Here is what those looked like.

Then this year, for the boys in Princess's class, I taped army men to cardstock using cute washi tape with the saying, "Love is a battlefield". Thank you Pat Benetar for your words of wisdom.

Boys love their army guys and guns.

Or if you want to give multiple army men...

For the girls in her class, we painted wooden beads in various colors of pink and then threaded some ribbon through them to make an easy customizable bracelet. Then we stamped the words, "Wood you be mine?" onto cardstock and secured the bracelets on with washi tape. I love the way the bracelets turned out. Kinda like little girl Anthropologie.

I forgot to take pictures of her teacher's gifts, (I know, bad blogger) but for them, we bought cute pink coffee mugs and then popped some fancy tea and honey sticks inside, then wrote on cardstock, "You're my cup of tea." Then we wrapped each in pretty ribbon. If you want to do this I highly recommend HomeGoods, as they have lots of options for mugs and nice tea. One of her teachers is male, so we made one for him too with a blue mug and manly Earl Gray tea.

Hope you found something to inspire your Valentine's making for this year or next. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! And 3 day weekend!