Saturday, March 23, 2019

Home Office Reveal

Hi! It's me! 
I am so excited because today I have a room reveal to show you. And it's not just any room reveal. It's a room that has NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE on the blog! Seriously. You're in for a treat. I bet you're glad you didn't sleep in for this! 
Our home office has been a thorn in our side since we moved in. You know how you buy a new house and then inevitably something goes wrong and then keeps going wrong? Well, that room for us was our office, as weird as that may sound. We moved in right before Thanksgiving about 7 years ago now and we had plans to host Thanksgiving AND have guests in our house. Good idea right? Anyway, my sister and her boyfriend at the time were put up in the office, which looked slightly better than the BEFORE photos below, but not much. They pointed out to us during their stay, that it seemed like the ceiling of the office was leaking. Nice right? Did I mention I was pregnant? But wait, it get's better. So then we fix the leak. After cutting a hole into the ceiling to determine where is was coming from. And then we seal it closed again. Then a month or two goes by and it leaks again. Then we fix it again and sure enough, another leak in the same spot happens. Each time the hole in the ceiling that my husband cuts gets bigger and bigger and my anxiety opens with it. Well in an effort to not bore you to death with how many times we opened, fixed and closed up that stupid ceiling, I'll just skip forward to oh 7 years later.....when we finally got it finally stopped leaking....fingers crossed. And we finally were able to do something with the room other than have it be a glorified storage room. So, here my dear friends is the

This is right before we had it painted, so everything was piled into the middle of the room about to be covered. Of course I remembered to take the Before photos a little too late. However, it didn't look much different before this. The piles were just lined up against the walls in an semi-organized fashion that only made sense to me.

How do you like the red walls? Cute right? Well, say goodbye!

All that white stuff on the wall is from the final time they closed the ceiling up and retextured.

Here are the AFTERS:

See that handsome stag in the corner!? Isn't he awesome? We picked him up at a cute little home store in Port Townsend and we knew he had to come home with us. I think he is perfect in here.

I took these photos with my phone because I didn't have the time to take them on my big camera, but you can still see what a huge difference, even just painting made.

We moved this rocking/reclining chair down from the girl's room, because I wanted to give the girl's room more space and we needed a cozy chair in here. It's a little big for this space, but it serves the purpose for now. I would really like to get a caramel colored leather chair in here one day. We actually have used the chair in here a lot more now, because we will send the girl's in here to have a quiet space to read in. I love that we have gotten more use out of this room now that it is (pretty much) finished.

Our vision for this room was we wanted to make it somewhere Riley could work in peace and quiet whenever he decides to work from home but also a craft room/home base for me to store all my craft and décor stuff. Riley asked me if he could store some whiskey in here in a decanter and I just thought that was just how I was envisioning this room. A place where he could come and chill after work and a place for me to store my treasures.

The biggest challenge we had with this room was finding a storage unit big enough to hold all of the "stuff". We thought about industrial looking shelves, but that would have been to hard/expensive to build and to hard to make it look pretty. Then I thought it would be cool to find a large antique chippy cabinet, but it proved too hard to find the perfect one. So we ended up going to Ikea and getting this unit. I still have to find some pulls for the doors that I like. I don't know why, maybe I am being too picky, but I can't find brass ones I like. And believe it or not, the "stuff" is pretty organized behind those doors. Maybe I'll do a Insta-stories tour of them one day.

I have been trying to become more regular going to our local thrift store to find affordable décor items. I've been learning that you have to go often to find the cool stuff and you can't expect to ever find what you're looking for, but you may find something else just as cool. I picked up this large glass jar on my last trip there and did a quick little DIY spray paint treatment on it, to go into this room.

Then I had a little fun with this floral arrangement.

Our good friends were getting rid of this desk and passed it off to us. We had a smaller desk in here previously, but it had no storage in it and I wanted to give Riley at least one spot to put HIS things.

This corner of the room is so shadowy and I had forgotten to take pictures of it when the light was better, but oh well. You can't see it very well, but that wood file cabinet in the corner was a craigslist find. I love it so much. I wanted this room to be a little more masculine than the rest of the house, (because my poor husband lives with 4 women) but still be elegant.

Riley had the idea of putting some kind of cool wallpaper on the back of this desk and I thought that was such a fun idea. We just have to find something cool.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed this room reveal and hope you have a great weekend!