Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas in the Playroom

Only 8 days til Christmas! I am so excited. As the girl's get older, Christmas gets more and more fun. This year they are really getting into it and understanding everything the anticipation is killing all of us! I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning! Princess totally knows that her "Elf" is watching her and reports to Santa every night. All we have to do if she starts misbehaving is remind her that "Elf" can see her and she usually looks at him worriedly and then stops. Too awesome. 
I finally got the girl's playroom all decorated and photographed, so I thought I would share those pics with you today. Enjoy! 

I spotted these "snowflake puff balls" that we used for Princess's Frozen party in the garage and thought they were the perfect addition to the playroom.

For the tablecloth, I didn't do any sewing, I just had this red striped piece of fabric and it was the perfect size for the table. Easy.

I had fun using our old red ornaments in bowls and trays this year.

Then I practised my wrapping and wrapped up some "presents" for under the "tree" in the playroom. They are just empty boxes. That tree just needed a little something under it. And so far no one has tried opening them!

Little munchkin.

Hope you are all enjoying the magic of this wonderful Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yarn Trees

Last year I made these Ruffle Trees for my Christmas decorating and they turned out so cute, I wanted to make something similar this year to add to the collection. These are even easier to make than the ruffle trees and instead of making the tree forms out of foil (which is great if you don't want to run out and buy the tree forms) I just bought some at the craft store, so that made it much easier. There is a range of sizes and the price runs from about $4-$10.

You will need:
Tree forms (either bought or homemade)
Plain muslin fabric (or any white cotton fabric)
Hot glue gun

Step 1. Cover your tree form with muslin using a hot glue gun. Cover the whole thing. This will help fill in any spots that don't get covered with the yarn.

Step 2. Starting at the base of the tree, apply a little bit of hot glue and start wrapping the yarn around the tree, working your way to the top.

Step 3. When you get to the top apply a little bit of glue and zig-zag the yarn across the top to cover it. Press down, being careful not to burn your hands with the hot glue. Tuck in the excess yarn somewhere around the main part of the tree and glue down if you are worried about it coming loose.

Then you are done! Easy right?

And here is our dining room all ready for Christmas!

I got this nativity scene as a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law a few years ago when we were desperate for anything free and I love it. Its so unique, I have never seen anything quite like it. Plus, it works perfectly with my neutral color scheme! Last year I put our nativity here in the dining room and I really liked having it there. It's near the front door, so people can see it yet, its out of the way so my children don't destroy it. Although someone likes to go in there from time to time and re-arrange the figures.

Baby Jesus will be here soon!

I made another ruffle tree this year too, to go along with my new yarn trees.

 That's it for now. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sheet Music/ Book Page Ornaments

Can you believe it's already 10 days til Christmas!? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Halfway through? Not even started!!!? We are pretty much done with all our shopping and I think it's the first time in years we have been done so early! All that's left are a few little stops here and there and then wrapping! It's always such a relief to have it done early so you're not scrounging at the last minute. How about your tree? Is it decorated yet? This year I took out the usual red ball ornaments we do every year and switched them out with these book page ornaments. I thought they would be a nice classic alternative to the red. And the neutral color fits right into the main colors I wanted for the tree. It will take a couple years, but I eventually want to have our tree be all golds, greens and neutrals (except for our family ornaments, which are all sorts of colors), so I thought this was a good start. These are super easy to make and a fun, cheap way to give your tree some unique ornaments.

You will need:
Clear glass or plastic ornament balls
Mod Podge
A paint brush
Vintage book pages or sheets of music

Step 1. Cut the sheet music or book pages into thin strips. Enough to cover the whole ornament.

Step 2. Using a paint brush and the Mod Podge, paint the strips of paper with the glue and place randomly on the ornament until it is completely covered. Then apply Mod Podge all over to give it a nice shiny coat all over and to seal it in. Allow to dry.

Step 3. Hang on the tree!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas in the Girl's Room

Happy Friday! Yesterday I showed you how to make Simple Stockings that can easily be customized to fit with your Christmas decor and I made some pink ones to go with the pink theme I have going on in my girl's room right now. I know, I know. PINK! I have to admit, it has been kind of fun though. Nothing too crazy. Pink is doses. As promised, here are some pics of the rest of their room all decked out and ready for Christmas dreaming.

Did you spot the Frozen pillow cases I made? The girl's went crazy when I showed them. You can find a full tutorial on how to make a pillow case here.

These cute little wreaths were inspired by some similar ones I saw in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I just re-used the same wreaths I used in the girl's Fall Playroom Decor.

I knew I wanted to have a white tree in the girl's bedroom this year and I searched all over for the perfect one. I am very excited about this one and I think it has found its permanent home for the holidays in their room every year.

I ordered a few white poinsettias for my Christmas decorating from Princess's school fundraiser and I couldn't resist getting a pink one for their room. So pretty!

This is what happens when I photograph on two different days....the animals change. Whoops!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my daughter's bedroom all decorated in pink for Christmas! This is our weekend to go see Santa. Peanut already sat on his lap at the tree farm but Princess was to nervous to even go near. Wish us luck for no tears!