Monday, December 15, 2014

Sheet Music/ Book Page Ornaments

Can you believe it's already 10 days til Christmas!? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Halfway through? Not even started!!!? We are pretty much done with all our shopping and I think it's the first time in years we have been done so early! All that's left are a few little stops here and there and then wrapping! It's always such a relief to have it done early so you're not scrounging at the last minute. How about your tree? Is it decorated yet? This year I took out the usual red ball ornaments we do every year and switched them out with these book page ornaments. I thought they would be a nice classic alternative to the red. And the neutral color fits right into the main colors I wanted for the tree. It will take a couple years, but I eventually want to have our tree be all golds, greens and neutrals (except for our family ornaments, which are all sorts of colors), so I thought this was a good start. These are super easy to make and a fun, cheap way to give your tree some unique ornaments.

You will need:
Clear glass or plastic ornament balls
Mod Podge
A paint brush
Vintage book pages or sheets of music

Step 1. Cut the sheet music or book pages into thin strips. Enough to cover the whole ornament.

Step 2. Using a paint brush and the Mod Podge, paint the strips of paper with the glue and place randomly on the ornament until it is completely covered. Then apply Mod Podge all over to give it a nice shiny coat all over and to seal it in. Allow to dry.

Step 3. Hang on the tree!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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