Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas in the Playroom

Only 8 days til Christmas! I am so excited. As the girl's get older, Christmas gets more and more fun. This year they are really getting into it and understanding everything the anticipation is killing all of us! I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning! Princess totally knows that her "Elf" is watching her and reports to Santa every night. All we have to do if she starts misbehaving is remind her that "Elf" can see her and she usually looks at him worriedly and then stops. Too awesome. 
I finally got the girl's playroom all decorated and photographed, so I thought I would share those pics with you today. Enjoy! 

I spotted these "snowflake puff balls" that we used for Princess's Frozen party in the garage and thought they were the perfect addition to the playroom.

For the tablecloth, I didn't do any sewing, I just had this red striped piece of fabric and it was the perfect size for the table. Easy.

I had fun using our old red ornaments in bowls and trays this year.

Then I practised my wrapping and wrapped up some "presents" for under the "tree" in the playroom. They are just empty boxes. That tree just needed a little something under it. And so far no one has tried opening them!

Little munchkin.

Hope you are all enjoying the magic of this wonderful Christmas season!

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