Monday, February 12, 2018

Class Valentine Ideas

Hello Friends,
Hope you are all having a good February! I spent most of January trying to get my life back in order after the holidays and it made the month fly by! I am trying to upgrade and possibly rebrand my blog a bit, so I have been researching and working on that for future. Hopefully I can get it done soon. It's a lot of work, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end. Since I have been busy with all that I am feeling super unprepared for Valentine's this year. I threw up a couple decorations last week with the girl's help and we started on the girl's class Valentines over the weekend. For the girl's teacher gifts we are kind of copycat-ing something we've done in the past for their teachers with the "Bee" theme. You can find a link for what we've done in the past as well as some other fun ideas here. This is what the teacher gifts look like this year:

I like to give honey as a gift because good quality honey can be very expensive and everyone loves honey. I like to add a cute little olivewood honey dipper and something from Burt's Bee's. Add a little tag with a "Bee Mine!" stamp and you've got a cute little teacher gift!

This is what we decided to do for the girl's classmates Valentine's this year.

Valentine's Popcorn! Or Cupid's Crunch. The girl's LOVE popcorn and they were super excited to help me out with making it for their friends. I was glad to get them excited about a project that wasn't too hard or expensive. You just make the popcorn, bag it up, then stick a tag on it. Yummy!

I used this free printable for the tags from I Heart Naptime that you can find here.

I used this recipe for the popcorn from This Mama Loves.

Hope this brought you some inspiration if you were needing some ideas for your child's class Valentine's this year. Have a good one!