Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas In The Master Bedroom

Good morning and happy Saturday! We are going to a candle sale today (It's that company with those cool pumpkin candles I was telling you about in October, Big Dipper Wax Works) and then watching the Sounders game on TV, but I wanted to hop on here and give you a quick peak of the touches of Christmas we added to our master bedroom.

I didn't go super crazy in here (I mean, besides the tree), but I did want to have just a little bit of Christmas in here to make it a bit more cozy for the holidays.

I love this birch tree wrapping paper I found at Container Store. It looks so good on its own or with any colored ribbon.

I actually have been pretty good this year about wrapping here and there when I have time. Hopefully it will mean less wrapping the night before Christmas!

This tree has been so fun to have in our room. I originally had thought that I would decorate it, but I really like the bare look, so I think I will keep it as it is and then start thinking of how I want to decorate it next year!

Next weekend we have a busy weekend full of Christmas-y things, but this weekend we don't have much, which is so nice. I'm excited to relax and maybe get a little baking with the girls in. What things are you up to this weekend? Shopping? Baking? Wrapping? Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Home Tour 2017

Hello friends! It is SO beginning to feel like Christmas and it is so exciting! I finally got our home all decorated and I am so excited to take you on a tour! It was super cold (27 degrees) and frosty this morning at our house, so it is the perfect day to show you through our home all dressed up for Christmas. Grab your coffee, get cozy and come on in!

I have a few of these fluffy wreaths in our house right now. I have made one every year for the past few years, so now I am up to 3. I just love how cozy and cute they are! I did a tutorial on how to make these in the past, so if you want to try making your own you can find that tutorial here.

I found this birch wreath in our garage over the Summer and I actually have no idea where it came from. Maybe I bought it and forgot? But anyway, it's awesome. I added a few bottle brush trees and some "snow" to make it a little more festive. I love that it looks like Anthropologie.


I have been looking forward to decorating this new entryway space for Christmas since we switched it up a few months ago and I am so happy with how it turned out. So cozy! There's another one of my fluffy yarn wreaths. This is the one I used to put out on the front porch with the sleigh, but I liked it so much paired with the gold bells, that I had to keep it in here.

We seem to have a thing for woodland creatures around here. You'll see them all over.

This is our old entryway hutch that we moved right outside the office and powder room. My darling cat Asher broke this old window pane of mine, so I decided to fix it up and re-purpose it with some chicken wire and use it to hold our Christmas cards. It won't be able to hold that many unfortunately, but it looks cute with those few early ones we received. If you are one of the cards up there, I'm yelling at you right now for sending them out before December! ;)

Here's our kitchen table all dressed up for Christmas brunch. It has become more and more of a squish to get us all around this little table, but we make it work. It's just cozier, right?

The sign reads, "It's all fun and games before Santa checks the naughty list". A sign that is a good reminder for my oldest right now.

And here's our newly painted white kitchen! I am loving how the red and green pop against it.

We got this new farmhouse kraft paper roll and it has been so much fun. We use it for grocery lists, to write notes to each other and most recently to keep track of naughty and nice kids....
There is one more part that we will put up in this area before it is finished and then I will show you more of it.

I tried out a new spot for our nutcrackers this year (usually I put them in the family room on the windowsill) and I am really liking them here. It also keeps little ones from playing with them.

All three girls did a gingerbread house this year at Grandma's and they turned out so cute! I'm still in shock at how good my two year old's turned out. Her's is the middle one.

Making spirits bright in this corner right here.

So excited to start the holiday baking in my new white kitchen!

Our subway tile is actually being installed this very second in our kitchen!!! So the next time you see it, it will be even more changed.

On the other side of the downstairs, opposite the kitchen is our living room, where our new forest is.

I really love the frosted garlands and trees and have been collecting more and more each year. I just love how much softer they are than the dark green and it works so well with the neutral colors that we have throughout the house.

I have always loved these little white houses in Christmas decor. I got one of these from the dollar spot at Target and the rest were actually gold before and I just gave them a fresh coat of paint.

More creatures.

I still have to get a little greenery for our advent wreath, I never really know what to do with it. I tried a faux garland to wrap around it and it just didn't look right. But I'm pretty much all done decorating for Christmas besides that, so I think that's pretty good!

I would like to try and switch out these red pillows for greens and creams in future years, but it was what I had this year, so I decided to go with it.

Here is our real tree that has been having a hard time surviving with our two kitties playing in it constantly. They don't seem to care that much about the fake ones, but man, this real one is their kitty playground!

I shot this tour over a few days, so you may have noticed our elf, Kodiak in a few different spots throughout. He just had to photobomb!

And now we come to the end of the tour. Time for me to start wrapping and baking! I will have a few other rooms in our house all decorated coming in the next few days, so be sure to come back soon. Hope you enjoyed our Holiday Home Tour! Merry Christmas!