Monday, November 4, 2013

Bathroom Organization

I must say, now that its November, I am very glad to be packing away the orange and black and starting anew with fresh and different ideas. During all the Halloween bustle, we finished another room in our house! Our master bathroom! We painted, got new towels and finally made it into the romantic bathroom we wanted. Of course we still have dreams of remodeling in there and changing the tub and shower and sinks and light fixtures....but that's all to be put off to another year when we can afford it. But for now, for our budget, it is perfect and we have another finished room in our house! Yay! But before I show you the before and after pictures I wanted to show you what I did to organize in there. I can't fully explain how amazing it feels to get stuff organized just the way you want it. I can find things, I have a place to put things and everything makes sense! Getting ready every day becomes enjoyable because all of my things are neatly put away in pretty containers and drawers. I am going to show you how I did it, broken up into sections. Drawer by drawer. I'll show you 3 drawers and 2 under-the-sinks over the next few days. Here is how I did it. Here is how I achieved organized bliss in my bathroom.

1. The Top Drawer (aka the drawer that somehow seems to be covered in blue dried up toothpaste, old contacts and an assortment of floss and fluoride)

* Start out by clearing everything out of the drawer and scrubbing it down. Scrape any toothpaste masterpieces away.

* Sort through and throw away any garbage such as empty floss containers or old yucky toothbrushes. Thank goodness I didn't have of of those in there this time. Then relocate anything that doesn't belong, such as Princess's toothbrush or hairbands and relocate to the correct place.

* Line the drawer with pretty paper. I decided not to use contact paper because I read it can get goopy in humid bathrooms and cleaning that mess out of your drawer can be tricky.  That didn't sound fun. So I got my gorgeous paper from Paper Source which has tons of beautiful papers (from around the world) in all styles and designs. The nice thing about it, is that when it gets gross I can just pull it out and toss it.

* Place drawer dividers or different sized containers (to suit your needs) in the drawer. I bought these bamboo ones at Container Store. They came in all different sizes. Clear containers are also a nice option and that way you can see the pretty paper underneath. Make sure when you are at the store to buy a few different sizes, cause you may change your mind about what you want once you get home. I first wanted a "his and hers" compartment on each side of the drawer. But "his" stuff seemed to outnumber mine and didn't fit in the compartment, so he ended up with his stuff directly on the paper. I am already planning to move it around again a little bit, but that's what is great about these things, you can switch them up and change them around as needed. Another thing to remember is to measure your drawers to see what's going to fit. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a standard sized drawer.

* Now that there is a place for everything, put all items back in the drawer where they go!

Done! Here are the Before and After photos:

I'll admit, I "pre-sorted" this drawer before this picture. I have to spare myself some embarrassment!

Ah! I feel like I can breathe better seeing this beautiful organization! There are no words to describe how happy this makes me.
And here is a picture of the paper underneath, since you can't really see it in the picture!

Hope you enjoyed this organization how-to! Come back tomorrow to see the dreaded "Hair Drawer".

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