Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Master Bathroom Reveal

I feel like master bathrooms and bedrooms are always the last rooms in the house to get redone. Everyone always thinks, "Oh well, we are the only ones who see it, so we can leave it to the very last". And while I totally agree, I think it's so sad! They are pretty much the most important rooms besides the kitchen! The master bedroom and bathroom should be your mini escape away from the world. The places where you can relax and recharge for the upcoming struggles of life. So I am really glad that we got this room done. It will probably be a while before we ever get our master bedroom done.....we have a mattress and bed frame but actual beds are so expensive! Oh well, one day....in the meantime, here are the before and afters of our Master Bathroom Re-do.
 I've never before seen so much brown in a house! These people loved it.
 Anyone wondering what that giant white spot is on the wall?
This one? Yeah. Let me tell you. The previous owners had a little cupboard hanging there (we still have it) and although it is super easy to take down (all you do is take it off the hooks, like you would a picture frame) they opted to paint around it......twice! So you take it down and all you see is this white spot with nasty mustard yellow and brown dried paint drips. Two very unfortunate choices of paint. There was no way I was gonna be as lazy as them and paint around it like they did. So, consequently I took the cupboard down and had to SAND the wall! There were two layers of paint build up that weren't flush with the rest of the wall. Ugh! Anyway, its painted under there now and my nightmares have gone away.
There's the little cupboard sitting there. I had to sand that thing down as well since someone decided not to tape it while they were painting around it.


I like to keep all of my "pretty" products that I use on a daily basis on a gold vintage tray. It just makes the bathroom have a more luxurious feel to it. Like you're at a spa.
My beautiful Anthropologie mirror. That thing was on my Christmas list for 2 years before Santa decided I must really want it. Or maybe it was just because I was good that year. I'm thinking about making a new toiletry bag that is customized to my needs. Watch out for that tutorial in upcoming weeks.
I switched out plastic soap bottles for the real deal. I'm loving these mercury glass bottles except I think next time I'm gonna use clear soap because you can totally see the purple soap in there. This is just a nice finishing touch because it gives the bathroom a more grown up feel. And another great thing about it is that you can buy big bulk bags of soap to refill them. This is not only cheaper than buying the single soap containers but it is also greener because it produces less waste.
These pictures don't really show the paint color in the best way, but you can kind of get the idea. It's a very muted purplely grey color. I love how romantic it is. It feels so calm in there now.
 There's some of our fun new towels.

I gathered a bunch of my beeswax candles and put them by the tub. What's a relaxing bath without candles? And I love beeswax candles because they actually "clean" the air. They're amazing. I would like to get one of those over the tub tray thingys. That way if I ever want to read or listen to music in the tub, there's a perfect place to keep everything. I'm on the lookout for one that is wide enough for our tub.
Our gorgeous tile floors! The way a bathroom should be floored. I couldn't find the old pictures we had of this bathroom floor before. It was carpeted. That's right, carpeted. And it was so freaking gross! It was all moldy by the shower....yuck! I get shivers just thinking about it. We made it a priority to get that crap outta there. It made the biggest difference.

It has come a long way from the brown walls and moldy carpet that it started as! Of course, there's always room for upgrades and improvements, (I want to add a few accessories and maybe hang some photos) but for now, its finished and I am loving it.  Hope you enjoyed this reveal! If I add any more things, I will be sure to update this post with more pictures.

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