Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bathroom Organization Drawers 2 & 3

Ready to continue the bathroom organization adventure!? Today I will show you how I organized drawers 2 & 3.

2. The Hair Drawer (aka the girls only drawer, the drawer that contains more hair than what is on my youngest child's head and the drawer that I know has bobby pins, but somehow I can never find them)

* Start by taking everything out of the drawer and cleaning it out. It always amazes me how much hair comes out of there. Gross!

* Sort through all the items and make 3 piles. One to toss, one to donate or sell and one to keep. Relocate anything that doesn't belong or should go somewhere else. Items found in my drawer that I tossed: One old straightener, one styling glove (for my curling iron, but I know I will never use it. What? Safety?) millions of hair bands, one hair coloring brush (have no idea why), 4 billions strands of hair and assorted clips and pins that I never use. Another thing I decided to do was to get my hair dryer (and its attachments) out of there. It is so bulky and there was no way the drawer was going to look organized with it in there. So I opted to get one of those over the door hanging containers, so now it hangs neatly in its own little spot on the inside of the cupboard door.

* Line the drawer with pretty paper. I thought this peacock feather paper was perfect for this drawer. Then put dividers, dishes, bowls, jars or whatever you want to use to contain your things in place.

* Put everything back in the drawer in their new homes. I had this cute little glass bud vase and thought it would be perfect for storing my bobby pins. No scraping through the back of the drawer to find them anymore! I have to say, I'm loving this idea. All I do is dispense the pins when I need them and they stay contained in one place in the drawer. Done with drawer 2!

Before and After photos



And here is a picture of the paper. Too pretty not to share!
The new designated hair dryer spot. I didn't think I would like it, but its working pretty well. The one thing I don't like about it is that you can see the hanging part from the outside of the door. So purely an aesthetic qualm. But you know.

This was my absolute favorite drawer that I reorganized. Every time I open it now I smile inside. Its so beautiful and so easy to find stuff now! I feel like I have achieved mature adult status now that I have organized bathroom drawers.

3. The Extras Drawer (aka the blue box drawer, the travel sized bottles, hotel shampoos and conditioners, manicure sets, backup products, samples drawer or the boring drawer)

* Sort through the drawer as usual and clean out.

* Line with paper if desired. I originally put paper in, but I ended up taking it out because the blue box that I keep everything in just kept crumpling it up every time I pulled it in and out. So this drawer looks exactly the same as the before, but I wanted to show you just so you would know whats kept in there. I realize also that some of you may share more bathroom real estate with your husbands than I do! So your drawer may store different things. But I just keep all extras in there. Extra perfumes, lotions, manicure sets, cotton balls, travel sized products.....you get the idea.

 Anyway, there's the boring box I keep everything in. All the extras!

Stayed tuned tomorrow for the dreaded under-the-sink organization!

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