Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bathroom Organization Under-The-Sink: Hers

Ah! Getting organized is one of my very favorite things to do. I have always loved it. And once something is organized, I'll gladly go back again in a few months and organize it again. I love getting rid of stuff too. Its so cathartic. You almost feel like you can begin life anew because you are starting with a clean slate. I know, I know, I'm just organizing my bathroom for crying out loud. But that's really how it makes me feel. Amazing and happy. Which is probably why my husband hasn't complained about me riffling through all our stuff lately. I tell myself that he secretly likes it. Because he secretly has no idea how to do it himself...or never would. I have a feeling he may roll his eyes whenever he walks into a room and sees it cluttered with my latest project. Oh well. Either way he lets me do it. A happy wife, a happy life right? Onto today's organization project.

4. Under-The-Sink: Hers (aka behind the cupboard door, where mysteries and secrets and thousands of bottles of lotion live)

* Start by taking everything out and scrubbing down the cupboard.

* Line with pretty paper.

* Sort through all your products. Throw away anything that is expired or that you don't use (I find that sisters/friends are great sources for new homes for your unused stuff). On most products there is a month symbol that shows how long you should keep the product. After that time, the product loses its potency and you are basically slathering on plain goop. So if you're wondering why your anti-aging cream isn't working, now you know. Move anything that doesn't belong. I moved some cleaning supplies out of there. We are lucky enough to have a small linen closet in our bathroom and I figured that was the spot for those!

* Figure out a solution for corralling all your things. And good luck finding ones that FIT under there. I found a few different ideas (Pinterest) for organizing under-the-sink. Just enter "organizing under-the-sink" and you'll find loads of ideas.
Some of good ones I found were 1. Stadium seating for your products. The nice thing about these clear plastic mini stairs is that you can see all of your things. The reason I didn't use it is because I knew any time I would reach for something everything was gonna come tumbling down. But it may work for some people.
2. Lazy Susan, either one or two tiered. I thought about this idea good and hard before I decided against it. I think its brilliant, I just don't use everything under my sink often enough to need that kind of moving storage. Basically I just use whats in the front of the cupboard daily and everything that's in the middle and back I use either monthly or once a year. You get the idea. Anyway, I decided with that being my style, all I needed was 3. Bins and glass containers. I got these bins at Target and I had the glass containers on hand. If you plan on using bins, just make sure to measure, measure, measure. That sink drain can get in the way in more ways than you think.  

Ready for the before and afters?


Halfway through the organization process:


 Look at that gorgeousness!
 So pretty I could cry!
And one more close-up so you can see the paper.

There you go. Hope this helps get you started for your own organization projects! Good luck! And join me tommorow for Under-The-Sink: His edition.

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