Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bathroom Organization Under-The-Sink: His

I took a deep breath before committing myself to this one. I knew what dangers lay ahead. I don't know how many times I have cleaned out my husbands stuff over the years, but I have found some pretty disgusting stuff in the past. And I'll save him (and you) by not mentioning what. But let's just say it was never pretty. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get serious today. We are entering dangerous territory. You may not survive this mission. Bravery is essential. Here is how to clean out under-the-sink, His edition.

To whom it may concern (aka my husband): This post is not an exact representation of my husband, nor do I think it is like every husband. It was written with a great deal of sarcasm and exaggeration in an attempt to entertain, enlighten and instruct its readers. :)

5. Under-The-Sink: His (aka the grossest place you never want to see, or clean or even think about)

* Start by taking everything out from under there. God knows what you'll find in there. Be warned. Gas masks may be necessary. Throw away anything expired, unused or unidentifiable. ESPECIALLY what is unidentifiable. If you want your husband's participation in this event (good luck), I recommend doing a pre-screen through all the items first, that way he won't be overwhelmed with what he needs to sort through. Put anything that doesn't belong in its correct place and determine which things should be kept. Empty bottles can usually be moved to the garbage. Products of hygiene and grooming are usually great things to keep.

* Scrub down the inside of the cupboard, including the walls. Bleach and gloves may be necessary.

* Line the inside of the cupboard with "manly" pretty paper. I found this paper with mustaches on it and knew I had hit the mark. I thought baskets would work beautifully for my husband's under-the-sink as well. Simple is best for husbands, as they might not understand words like "organization" and "clean". Determine which items (of the things you decided to keep) are used most often to least often and order them that way in the baskets, placing the least often used items in the back. Explain this to your hubs. Explain that if he doesn't keep it organized, you are never making him dinner again..... etc.

And now for the before and afters.



 And the handsome paper.
And that's how its done ladies. I wish you luck on your endeavors.
Hope you enjoyed today's edition of under-the-sink organization. Come back tomorrow to see the bathroom/linen closet.

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