Monday, November 11, 2013

Bathroom Organization Linen Closet

Happy Veterans' Day! And a big thank you to all our brave veterans for protecting us!!!
I promised this post would go up last Friday. I apologize for the delay. I had the linen closet 90% done and then of course decided to do "quick" search on Pinterest to see what ideas they had for organizing closets on there. Bad idea! Because then I found all these ridiculously unattainable, gorgeous linen closets and way too many good ideas. I did pick up one idea that I hadn't thought of originally and that was baskets. They are such an easy way to pull everything together and make a closet "look" organized. Even if it really isn't. Linen closets are notorious for being stuffed full of blankets and pillows so much that everything mushes together and you have no idea whats even in there. I am pretty good about going through ours about once a year and getting rid of any excess stuff that we don't need so ours (although it has been in the past) wasn't too scary. This is how I got it all organized.

* Start by pulling everything out. You might be surprised what you find in there. Forgotten table cloths, old beach towels, random pieces of sheet sets. Even though its a pain in the butt, I would suggest unfolding any sheets or blankets if you aren't sure what size they are and determine that so that you can move them if need be. Put all complete sets of sheets together. Some crazy OCD women on Pinterest tied their sheet sets together with ribbon. Adorable? Yes. Unpractical? A little. Anything that you don't need or use anymore can be donated or tossed (yellow pillows should probably be thrown out).

* Relocate anything that doesn't belong. King sized sheets, blankets and extra duvets I kept in this closet because obviously our bed's sheets should be in the nearest closet. Any full sized sheets, blankets, duvets I moved to the guest room closet. This way I won't ever be confused as to which sheets fit on which bed because the sheets for the bed will be right there. We don't have another linen closet in the house, but we do have a cupboard in our upstairs hallway where I keep any extra linens. I put any extra pillows and blankets in there. For some reason we don't own any beach towels, but if we did, that's where I would put those.

* Designate each shelf in the closet for a specific thing and try to keep it that way in the future so you always know what goes where.
-Top shelf: I put two extra duvets and our set of Christmas sheets that we obviously only use once a year.
-Second shelf: I put all of the sheets for our bed and any extra pillow cases. All complete sets I put in one pile and all incomplete sets I put in another pile. Google "folding a fitted sheet" to find out how to fold those and avoid that horrible balled up look. I can do it about halfway.....still working on mastering the second part of folding those.
-Third shelf: I put our two larger sized towels and a basket full of bath time things. This is where I keep candles, bubble bath, bath salts, pretty soaps and anything else for the bath. I am having issues getting all the towels I want for our bathroom, so we only have about half right now. So later this shelf will also have more towels.
-Fourth shelf: Towels, hand towels and bath mats. We aren't washcloth people, so I didn't buy any of those. We had gotten some for our wedding (over 4 years ago now) and we never used them once!
- Fifth shelf: I decided that I needed to keep a second set of cleaning supplies that would stay in this bathroom, so that I never again would have to go downstairs and cart everything back up for cleaning. This way everything I need to clean the bathroom is right there. Less excuses for not cleaning too! I put all these in a basket for looks mainly, but also so I can just pull the thing in and out when needed. On this shelf I also put all of our extra blankets.
-The bottom of the closet: I got a cute basket to hold all of our extra TP. We get our TP at Costco, so we always have a bunch of it. So we needed a decent sized basket to hold all of it. Then believe it or not I actually moved stuff INTO the closet! I already had some of our cat's things in this closet and a bunch more downstairs in one of my desk drawers. I decided this closet was a perfect spot to hold all of his stuff in one place (and freed up an entire drawer in my desk! Whoo Hoo!). Cat toys, cat medicines, catnip, etc. I put all of that stuff in another basket and then put his giant bag of kitty litter in the back corner.

Here are the before and afters of our master bathroom linen closet.


First and Second shelves.
Third and Fourth shelves.
 Fifth shelf and Bottom of closet.

There you have it! Organized linen closet bliss!

Tomorrow I will finally show you the before and afters of the whole Master Bathroom. I promise! This time, I really promise! See you then!

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