Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fur Infinity Scarf

It's no secret that I love fur.
Fur on animals. "He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!". Yeah, I actually said that before Despicable Me made it cute. I may have been called "Elmyra" (aka the Looney Toons animal loving psycho) once or twice in my life.
Fur to wear. The fluffier the better. Coats, sweaters, purses.
Fur in home decor. Blankets and pillows. If all of the bedding on my bed could be made out of fur, I would die happy. I'm pretty sure that's what beds in heaven are made out of. Forget cold clouds!

I don't know why I like it so much, I just do. It's just so pretty! It makes shudder a little every time I see it being used in a new way. I know, PETA is gonna hate me now, but I even have a rabbit fur coat that I purchased in Italy several years ago. I couldn't help it. I know, its sad. I definitely had bits of guilt about buying it, but I figured, "It's already dead, so....". Terrible right? It's just so pretty! It's just so elegant. It's like what queens wear! Anyway, I was flipping through the latest Nordstrom catalog recently and came to this page.

GASP! Oh my gosh! Then I promptly tore the page out to keep for today's DIY. Fur Infinity Scarf. Oh yes!
"I live for fur! I worship fur!" Here is how to make your own furry scarf. The perfect accessory for Fall and Winter. It's SO cozy too!

You will need:
1, 44X8 inch piece of black fleece
1, 44X10 inch piece of black fur
Sewing materials

1. Pin the fur and fleece together along one long side. Pretty sides together. You will notice that the fur is longer on one side than the other. That's ok, I'll explain why in a bit. Note: I pinned the short end together too, just to hold it in place. Do NOT sew that side down.

2. Align the opposite long sides so that they match up and pin those together. You want the fur to be a little bit bunchy and wider than the fleece so that when the scarf is finished, you won't see the fleece when you wear it. Sew along both of the long sides that you just pinned. Flip right side out.

3. Pin the two ends of the fur together (pretty sides together) and sew together, leaving an opening in the fleece.

I apologise. I pinned the fleece together first, but then unpinned it and decided to pin down the fur instead. I did this because the fleece is easier to work with for the hand sewing part. So follow the directions and the picture should still give you an idea of how to pin the fur on the ends.
4. Hand sew the fleece opening together.

Your Fur Infinity Scarf is ready to wear!

 This is why I never took up modeling.
Now if only I could knit that sweater she's wearing...yeah right!

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. Come back tomorrow and see another fun fur accessory DIY!

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