Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Wreath

Yesterday I got started on my Fall Bucket List and made a Fall Wreath! I know, I started from the very bottom. But there was no real order in the list at all. I think I put Thanksgiving things before Halloween things. Oh well. Now that its officially October I feel like I'm totally allowed to get ready for Halloween and get Halloween crazy! Tonight the hubby is pulling down the Halloween boxes so that we can decorate. I can't wait to see what Princess does when she sees all of it. Last year she totally got into Halloween and LOVED trick or treating. Of course. But now that she is a little bit older I feel like it will be even more fun. Halloween isn't my favorite holiday (Christmas wins out for sure) but I still love getting all festive and making treats and Halloween themed meals. Ghouls, Ghosts, Goblins and the adorable black kitties! Get ready for an October filled with Halloween and Fall posts!
Onto my Fall Wreath. There is so much "Pinspiration" on Pinterest for all kinds of amazing Fall wreaths. It was hard to decide what medium to use for my wreath. Here is how it turned out and how I did it.

You will need:
1 Wreath form
Fall colored fabrics, felts, ribbons
Hot glue
Sewing machine (optional)

So I started out by gathering all the things that I could possibly use for this wreath. Once you see what you have it gets easier to come up with a design. So do some digging around your house to find some good things to use that have a Fall color scheme.  

Wrap your wreath form in fabric. I lightly added Elmer's glue to make it stick. I'm cheap and I want to use this wreath form again. So I wanted to make sure that I could get the stuff back off for whatever wreath I do next. Probably Christmas.

Then start assembling your components. Ruffles, ribbons, banners that say, "Fall" or "Halloween" or whatever. Birds, owls, leaves, hay, twigs. Anything that says Fall to you.
 I cut out little triangles for a mini flag banner to say, "Fall".
Painted the letters on using a stencil.

Made a few of these. Remember how to do these from Revamped Lamp #1 ?
Made a ruffle. Remember all you do is sew a straight line through and then pull one side of the thread to make the rouche.
Then all you need to do is start glueing (this part I did with hot glue. Otherwise they would blow off in our terrible windy weather) the parts on. Play around with the pieces to make sure you have it the way you want it. Because once the hot glue is on and dried...... Its on!
Make sure to glue a ribbon on or some way to hang it up over your door. Another option is one of those metal over the door hangers. They are specially made for hanging wreaths. I'm partial to ribbon and bows.

And here is the finished product. Princess gasped in dramatic beauty queen delight when she saw it. "Mamma, its SO Beee U tiful!" She is too funny. She appreciates anything girly. And yes, I totally love that about her.
Happy Fall!

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