Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spooky Ghosts

Good morning! Hope everyone is having a cozy, fun October! I have been busy decorating and making Halloween treats and I decided that one thing I really needed for my Halloween decorations was ghosts. They are a classic Halloween decoration, (not to mention the easiest costume ever) but they aren't too scary for little kids. Although now whenever Princess sees these ghosts I made, she says, "Ooooo SCAEERY Momma!" In her usual dramatic form, even though she is totally not scared at all. I have always wanted to make these, but I always put it off thinking it was too much of a pain in the butt. But it is really simple, so I'm not sure why I waited so many years. Here is a simple diy for making Halloween Spooky Ghosts. These are great because you can hang them like I did or even stand them up (the stiffener makes this possible) on your table or mantle for display.

You will need:
Cheesecloth (or lace makes particularly elegant ghosts, or plain muslin)
Fabric stiffener (remember this stuff from the DIY Lace Crowns?)
Black felt
A bowl
Pipe cleaners to shape the ghosts arms (optional)
Ghostly forms (I used a toy ball taped to a plastic mug. But you can use, balloons, mason jars, soda containers. As long as you have a rounded top and then a basic form for the body it will work. They are pretty forgiving ghosts.)
Sewing needle and white thread (only if you plan on hanging them)

1. Cut out squares of cheesecloth. One for each ghost you plan to make.
2. Set up your ghostly form. Tape a toy ball to the top of a (yep, that's a Hopsfest mug) plastic mug or a balloon to the top of a jar. Whatever works to hold up your ghost.
3. Pour some fabric stiffener into a bowl and I would suggest putting on some disposable gloves.
4. Working one piece of cheesecloth at a time, saturate in the fabric stiffener, making sure to squeeze out any excess. Then drape over your ghost form.

5. Allow to dry.
6. While ghosts dry, cut out eyes out of black felt.
7. When ghosts are dry, remove from forms and glue eyes on.
If you plan on setting these on a table or Halloween display they are ready to go! If you want to hang them, continue on to the next step.
8. Using a needle and thread, knot one end of the thread and poke through the inside of the ghost head. Knot the opposite end and then hang!

Whhhhooooo! Spoooooky!
I hung these in our front entryway on the chandelier so that trick or treaters would be able to see them when they come to the door on Halloween night. Although I'm afraid they will only be interested in the candy!
I love how my little ghosts turned out! If I have time one day, I think I will make some more to stand on a table somewhere. I saw one blogger made cute little mini banners for her ghosts to hold, such as "Boo!" and "Spooky!".  I of course couldn't find her again today when I needed to, so unfortunately I don't have a link to her post. Which reminds me....I didn't end up using the pipe cleaners for my ghosts, but I have seen them used in other tutorials to make "arms" for the ghosts. I thought since I was hanging mine, it wasn't necessary. I think I would have if they were going to hold a sign or something. So its up to you if you want to use them or not.
Happy decorating!

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