Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween T-Shirt

Hope no one is getting sick and tired of Halloween, because we've got lots more to do around here! I found this cute idea over at Pink and Green Mama and wanted to make one for Princess. Her little sister has a Halloween outfit (hand-me-down from big sis), but I haven't wanted to buy a shirt for her since they only wear it in the month of October! So making one was the perfect option. She didn't have a plain black shirt, so I was lucky enough to find one for $2 at the kids second hand store. And when I say lucky, I mean Peanut was screaming bloody murder at me the whole time because she wanted to run to the opposite end of the store and Princess lost her coat within seconds only to have me find it hung up by a salesperson already! I guess I am lucky that doesn't happen all that often, but oh my gosh, its so embarrassing! Anyway, this is either a $2-$5 craft or free if you already have a black t-shirt laying around. Of course by the time I finished she didn't even want to wear it. She is sporting her dress-up princess dress 24/7 these days because you NEED to wear your dress when you're watching Little Mermaid right? Maybe when Peanut wears her Halloween flare, big sis will want to as well.

For this project you will need:
1 black t-shirt
White and black felt
Glue (I used Mod Podge)
Sewing Machine

1. Draw a ghost on a piece of paper fitted to the size of your t-shirt and cut out. This will be your stencil for cutting out the lace.

2. Cut out lace.
3. Glue the lace to the t-shirt. I watered down the Mod Podge a little so it wasn't so thick. In Pink and Green Mama's tutorial, she used spray adhesive, but I didn't have that. So either way works.
4. Cut out eyes from the black and white felt and glue on.
5. Using the zig-zag stitch, sew all the way around the ghost so that it doesn't fray.
6. Tie a little bow and sew in place. If you want to make a boy ghost t-shirt, just put the bow on the ghost's neck for a bow tie!
 All ready for Halloween now!


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