Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Decorations

As promised, here are photos of my finished decorated house. Still working on the front porch. Since Halloween is next week I figured I better be finished with decor projects! As least for this year anyway. I am about halfway through with the girl's costumes too and I am so excited with how nice they are turning out! I can't wait to show them off. Pictures of that and the front porch decor to come soon. In the meantime, hopefully these photos will inspire your Halloween decorating!
 My cute little ghosts. Love those little guys.
The front entry table. I am still madly in love with that windowpane. Sorry about the disheveled pumpkin garland. I didn't notice it until later.
 Creepy crow hovering over the birds nest.

These are cute little things I got handed down to me a couple years back from my mother in law. I love them. They are kind of Day of the Dead-ish. Speaking of which, if you are into that, they have ADORABLE Day of the Dead decorations at Paper Source.
Little pumpkin eating her breakfast. Still in her jammies. Its been a slow Monday morning. You can see her contributions to the Halloween decor hanging in the window. Man, once I let her cut out those shapes for the jack-o-lantern face, she was immediately obsessed with scissors! Great. 
 My herbs that are somehow magically still alive.

The Halloween kitchen towels are always my favorite. So fun.
Our Buddha frog is getting into the spirit of Halloween as well.
This Halloween craft and cookbook is awesome. I have had it for years and still every year I can't wait to try out some of the projects in there. It is full of simple, classic Halloween recipes and activities. Then there are some sugar pumpkins waiting to be used for some Halloween cupcakes, if I ever get around to those. Although Princess and I will gladly eat them plain if that doesn't happen. I know, gross. But SO GOOD! 
 Our black cat lantern and some treats.
 More treats. Halloween isn't complete without treats!
These things are delicious. I found the idea in the October issue of Rachel Ray Magazine. All you do is dip mini pretzels in melted white chocolate, then dip in different colored sanding sugars. Candy corn colors of course! They are so yummy and addicting! They are a great little party treat too, if you are having a Halloween party this year.
I found this sign last year after Halloween. Fitting.
Our living room decorations. There is the paper pumpkin garland I told you about that is somehow still in one piece.
Our Halloween mantle decor. It needs a silhouette framed picture or something on the right....or a mirror. But alas, time is running out. It will have to be a project for next year.

Creepy vulture and spiderwebs. Every year, the thing I hate doing the most, the thing I leave until the very last second, is the spiderwebs. I hate putting those things up!

Another ancient decoration that has been passed down. The hand me downs always seem to be the best ones. 

How are your Halloween decorations coming? What special ways do you like to decorate for Halloween?
Have a great Monday everyone!

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