Monday, October 7, 2013

Bats In The Belfry Bunting

It's not every day that my crafts look professional....but when they do, they are awesome! (Anyone pick up that reference?) I have done the majority of the Halloween decorating but I have been slowly adding more and more little additions to make the house look more complete. (I will post pictures of it when its all finished!) Like I said last week, my Halloween decor collection needs a little fluffing up. So over the weekend I made another garland for hanging on the mantle. And it turned out so cute! I'm in love with it. It takes a little more time and effort than the pumpkin garland from last week, but it is worth it I promise! Here is how to make one Bats In The Belfry Bunting.

What you will need:
Black fabric
Orange and Black (or Halloween themed fabric)
Black gross grain ribbon 1/2 to 1 inch wide
Black thread
Sewing machine or sewing skills
A bat template or crazy copying skills!

1. Start by tracing a bat onto paper or if you have a stencil or template, use that to trace 4 bats onto your black fabric. Then cut out your 4 bats. I just google searched "bat stencil" and found one that I could copy. Tip: Once you have traced the bat onto paper, fold it in half to make sure it is symmetrical. I traced my bats with chalk onto the black fabric. You won't be able to see the chalk in the finished product, because it will be on the inside of the bats.

2. Trace and cut out 2 "bats" out of the batting.
3. Then sandwich (like an Oreo) one batting bat between two black bats, keeping the chalk sides on the inside, then pin together. Repeat with remaining bats.  

4. Fold your Halloween fabric in half, then cut out 3 triangles on the fold (That way you won't have to cut out 6 separately). Cut out 3 batting triangles and place inside the Halloween fabric triangles. Pin like you did the bats.
 5. Sew, using a simple stitch (such as a running stitch) all around the edges of your bats and triangles.
 6. Lay out your pattern. Triangle, bat, triangle, bat....

7. Pin onto the gross grain ribbon and make sure that the size works with where you are going to hang it before you sew it down. Sew the bats and triangles onto the ribbon.
 Now hang to decorate a mantle, wall or above a window for your spooky bats in the belfry bunting!

Don't mind the Yo Gabba in the background.

Happy Decorating!!!

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