Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Ghouls Are Back In Town....

So last night we got started decorating for Halloween! I love pulling out all the contents of a holiday box and seeing all the fun decorations. The orange and black ones are especially fun. Halloween costumes and decorations are just all so wonderfully ridiculous. I always kind of cringe when I see what costume I wore the year before......I wore that?? Princess enjoyed finding out what was inside those huge orange and black boxes too. I think her favorite part was trying on all her old costumes. 

 Hmmm. What could be inside?
 Gasp! "Wow, Momma!"
 Silly Rabbit! Tricks are for kids!
 Peanut wanting in on the action.
 Eek! A spider ring!

I'm a little concerned of how willing she was to sport the spider ring all evening. No playing with real spiders my child!
I guess she could always go as Foofa again this year since her costume still fits!

I always seem to think I had more decorations than I actually end up having. There must be a garage monster eating the decorations on the off season! I kind of feel like the Halloween collection is a little pitiful this year and needs a little fluffing up. I guess I will just have to make some new things! I've already gotten started on some. Come back tomorrow to see!

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