Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Glitter Pumpkins

I know...... I know! I said that I can't stand glitter. And really, it is a mess! But there's a time and a place for everything you know? So I think glitter can be allowed at Halloween. I have always loved the black, glittery pumpkins that I have seen from time to time in people's Halloween decor, so I decided to give it a try. In efforts to NOT have glitter all over the place by the time I finished, I decided to use glitter spray paint....which is pretty amazing. You could also just roll the pumpkins in glue and then roll in glitter, but like I said, I was trying not to look like a disco ball/stripper/teenage girl when I was finished with this project. This diy is so easy and fun and the great thing is that you can easily which out the paint color to suit any style.

You will need:
Black glitter spray paint (You can also do gold, white or silver. Tons of options out there!)
2 or more small pumpkins (I actually had a hard time finding small but not too small pumpkins....or ones that weren't pie pumpkins. I finally found the perfect ones at Trader Joe's for like 70 cents each!)
Masking tape or painters tape

1. Spread out your newspaper in the garage or other open area (somewhere you won't care if it ends up getting a little sparkle treatment). Tape the stems with painters tape to keep from getting painted. This is total preference on my part. I wanted the stems to remain natural, but you can do it however you want!

2. Spray a few coats of the glitter spray paint and allow to dry completely between each. Remove painter's tape.

Then place on the mantle, on candlesticks, on the table or windowsills. Anywhere you feel needs a little sparkle.

I'm trying to leave SOME element of surprise for when I show you all the decorations!

There you go! A simple, easy and cheap Halloween decoration diy. Enjoy!

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