Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cozy Fall Dinner Options

There is something about Fall which pretty much demands warm cozy meals for dinner. It has also been seeming to demand that I be lazy most days and not work out! Funny how that works. Maybe its my body's natural response telling me I need to stock up fat for Winter! Hopefully I get the motivation to fight back. In the meantime, I still plan on making the coziest of Fall meals, because there is just no escaping that. Comfort food is too comforting. Especially on cold days. Here are a few options for dinner tonight.

This one I found on the Free People Blog. Its simple (only 5 ingredients!), easy and is free of wheat and gluten, for those of you with allergies or sensitivities. Leek and Butternut Squash Hash . Don't think that because it has an egg in it, it needs to be breakfast. Eggs can be a great option for dinner!

In the October issue of Food Network Magazine (my fav) they had a pull-out recipe booklet with 50 Things to do with Canned Pumpkin. I pretty much want to make everything in it. I made the Risotto the other day and it was so yummy. Even the girls ate it.

I have made this easy Spaghetti Squash Recipe from Rachael Ray several times. How cool is it that squash can substitute for pasta in recipes and still taste amazing?   

I'm not a huge veal fan (I would switch it out for beef or turkey), but these Burgers with Squash rings and Fontina from Rachael Ray look really fun and different.

What cozy meals do you like to make in the Fall? What are your favorite in season ingredients?
Have a cozy day!

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