Monday, September 30, 2013

Lavender Play Dough

One of the first blogs I ever started following was The Imagination Tree. She has hundreds of activities for little learning minds to help with letters, numbers, motor skills, creative play and all kinds of things they need to learn for school. Her fairy garden and mini child's garden are two of my absolute favs. I would say her specialty is creating the most amazing play dough recipes you will ever find. Like so awesome, you might just want to play with your kids. Orange and Lemon play dough, Basil play dough, Mint Choc Chip play dough, Cinnamon play dough, Raspberry Jelly play dough.....yeah the only problem with her play doughs is that they smell and look so darn yummy, you might have a hard time keeping your kids from eating it. It only took Princess one taste though before she found out it was not edible! I don't make play dough (or buy any for that matter) nearly enough for Princess. I feel she is slightly play dough deprived. Its just one of those things. Its so messy! Its like cleaning up after another meal, so its not something I like to encourage that often. But she has so much fun with it and it is a really great tool for learning motor skills and creativity. So I decided I needed to make her some and be a good mommy for once.

You can find Anna's (The Imagination Tree blog) recipe for Lavender Play Dough here. And here is how mine turned out.

Notes: Allow the dough to cool slightly after pouring the boiling hot water in and stirring. Sounds obvious but you'd be surprised. I would also advise wearing disposable gloves for mixing in the dye. Unless you're into Smurf hands. I added a few drops of Lavender essential oil to make it smell nice. Aromatherapy play dough anyone? Kneading the dough is a great stress reliever too! I may have just found out why this woman makes so much play dough! 

Princess was pretty excited about it.
 But first things first. Gotta take those pieces of lavender off. Geez Mom!

I asked her if she was making cookies and she said, "No. It's a tiny beebee!"

So precious.
In play dough heaven. I think I'll try the chocolate play dough recipe next......Oo! Or see if there's a pumpkin one! Yum! I!

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