Monday, September 16, 2013

Revamped Lamp #2

Good morning. I can't believe its already the start of another week. The weekends go by way too fast. I'm out of coffee today too, so you can probably guess how I feel right now..... Not excited about life. So please excuse me if this post is 1. posted later than normal, 2. boring and/or 3. sloppy. Today I am going to show you another way to "revamp" a lamp.  The girl's bedroom lamp was in need of a new look. It was a lamp that was from the bedroom my sister and I shared years ago. So it was definitely showing age. It started out as a pale green color and now has faded into an almost white, light green.

It's kinda hard to tell in the photo, but I also discovered that it had a hole in it that needed fixing.

It also completely broke off the metal framing piece when I took it off the lamp base. So not only did it need some fluff, it also needed a bit of doctoring up before I even started.

A little masking tape did the trick. It actually looked like that's what was holding it together before. It looked like dried up, crispy old masking tape. Weird.
This lamp was inspired by those adorable Pottery Barn Kids lampshades (that BTW are $99 each! Yikes). Anyway if you want to revamp a lamp like this one, here is what you will need:

Lamp shade
Fake flowers, roughly the same size (I used 8 bunches of fake "spray roses". Bought on sale I got them for $40 all together. Not the cheapest, but still much better than $99)
Hot glue gun

1. Start by cutting all the stems off the flowers.

2. Then, starting at the bottom, glue the flowers all the way around the base of the lampshade.

3. After you finish one row, continue until the shade is completely covered.

 Almost there!

4. Then you are finished. Allow to cool, take any stray strands of hot glue off your lampshade and then place on your lamp base.

 Gorgeous! I love being able to re-create things that are normally way too expensive!

This was so easy and turned out to be another great way to revamp a lamp. So girly, princess-y and fun! Hope you enjoyed!

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