Friday, September 20, 2013


I found this flannel Yo Gabba Gabba fabric at a fabric store and I knew I had to get it. My oldest daughter has been obsessed with YGG practically since she was born. She has started to get into other things, like Sophia the 1st and Disney princesses, but Yo Gabba has always had a special place in her heart and ours. I will never forget how cute it was when she started doing the dances and singing the songs along with the show. I decided a pillowcase would be the perfect thing to make with the fabric. Princess has been in a "big" girl bed since her birthday in July and I still haven't gotten her her own set of new sheets. So I thought this was perfect. Pillowcases to go with her old sheets (which is just a fitted crib sheet). And flannel is perfect for Fall starting because it is so cozy and warm. If I really get adventurous maybe I will make her a matching top sheet to go with it. But for now, pillowcases are all I can manage.

I used a pattern from the book "French General Home Sewn", which is a great book with lots of fun sewing projects. She makes all her projects with vintage French fabrics. But I am sure there are many patterns (all pretty much the same I would assume) that you can find for making pillowcases on the Internet. How have I never thought of making my own pillowcases before? For whatever reason, my husband and I have always had unmatching pillowcases. Or they are huge (king size) pillowcases that are way too big, because I refuse to switch to a king size pillow. I know I will be doing this a lot. The great thing is that you can personalize them (you can take them to get monogrammed or diy) for a wonderful and unique wedding or Christmas present.

I got some Disney Princess fabric as well, so that my Princess could have 2 different pillowcases to switch out. I will be doing the tutorial with the Princess fabric because I already made the Yo Gabba one. :)

You will need:
One yard of fabric per pillowcase (So if you are making a set of 2 pillows, get 2 yards)
Sewing machine

1. Cut a 32X43 inch wide rectangle. Fold in half, pretty sides together and then sew down the bottom and side. Leaving the top open.

2. Flip the top edge down 1/2 inch and iron. Then flip down again 4 inches and iron.

1/2 inch fold.

4 inch fold.
See how the 1/2 inch fold is now under the 4 inch fold?
3. Sew along the inner edge of the piece you just flipped down. Just be sure not to sew the pillowcase closed.

4. Flip right side out and you have a pillowcase. See! Super easy.
Option 1. Disney Princess.

Option 2. Yo Gabba Gabba.

I love how easy this is. It is literally 2 stitches through the machine. I am excited to finally get some matching pillowcases made for the master bedroom. Oh, the little things in life.

We are off to a wedding in Oregon this weekend so I've gotta go get packing. Life just never stops being busy! Have a great weekend everyone!


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