Monday, September 23, 2013

Wee People Look Alike #1

In the Fall of 2010 Free People's holiday catalog came out, introducing a line which they called, "Wee People". A line for little girls modeled after the main brand. I was in LOVE! No. No. You don't understand. I had a baby who was a few months old and wouldn't be old enough to wear the clothes for 3 years, but I still calculated how much money I would need to buy the entire line. Yes. The entire line. I wanted it all. Princess ended up getting a pair of Wee People pants that year from her uncle. Which I was super ecstatic about. But other than that, I never really pulled together any money to buy her any more of the adorble-ness. Skip forward to the next catalog and the next.....and the next and NO MORE WEE PEOPLE was to be found! I felt robbed! I felt cheated! I thought, surely they would bring it back again the following Christmas. Every product they sold, either sold out of was back ordered. But no. It never came back again and I was utterly heartbroken. How could they tease me like that!? I kept a copy of that catalog, maybe so that it could never really disappear from my life. But also hoping that one day I could pull together outfits like that for my Princess. Well, I decided to do it once and for all. I am going to do a series of Wee People Look Alikes and re-create the outfits so that my daughter can wear them. She is my little flower child. My mini me. She has to HAVE these outfits. So, I am going to do my best, to either make the pieces in the outfits or find them in whatever random kids boutiques I can. And as I go, I will show you the outfit it was made after and then my finished product. So here is outfit #1. Or as I like to call it, The White Fairy.

And here is what I created.

So precious.

I made her slippers, purse and skirt. She already had the shirt and leggings. I would like to eventually find a shirt and leggings that are more like the ones in the picture. But no one had anything like them! Imagine that right? Only Wee People! I did think about making the leggings, but that seemed a little daunting for my skill level at the moment. Overall I am excited that I was able to make something at least similar to the Wee People one. I guess beauty like that just can't quite be replicated. Except for the child. Mine's cuter. There are about 11 more outfits that I want to do, so I will just keep trying on the next few ones. Hope you enjoyed Wee People Look Alike #1!

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