Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Bucket List

Finally! Its Fall! Its really here! My hands and feet have been cold at least twice this week and I can pack up the fans in our bedrooms. I can unpack my sweaters and start thinking about Halloween costumes. I'm so excited! Since there are so many fun things to do in the Fall and so many that I want to make sure we get to do, I decided my husband and I needed to come up with a Fall Bucket List of all the fun "Fall things" we wanted to do this season. I thought I would share it with you to give ideas for fun Fall activities to do with your families. Here is the Shephard family Fall Bucket List:

1. Go to Remlinger Farms and pick out pumpkins for Halloween. This is now a tradition we do every year. It can't be missed!
2. Make Halloween costumes for myself and the girls. I wasn't planning on dressing up this year, but we have already been invited to a party, so I guess skipping out of that whole stressful thing won't work this year. Oh well, maybe next year?
3. Halloween night, make pumpkin soup and trick or treat with the girls. I will be making their costumes and showing them on PPD soon!
4. Take a family nature walk and collect colored leaves.
5. Make pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin cake cookies. Yum!
6. Make leaf prints and Fall decorations with the girls.
7. Make hand print "turkeys" for Thanksgiving.
8. Make a "Give Thanks" banner or Thankful Tree for Thanksgiving.
9. Go to a high school football game. Hot cocoa required.
10. Go apple picking. Stock up on Honeycrisps!
11. Brew beer. I gave my husband a brew kit for our anniversary and we have yet to do it. Sounds like a Fall thing right?
12. Make cinnamon spice pumpkin play dough for the girls. Make sure Peanut does not eat.
13. Carve pumpkins.
14. Devise a plan for deterring pumpkin smashers on Halloween. A scary recording? A sign saying, "Cop lives here."? Yes Princess's pumpkin got smashed last year and we were crushed. No pun intended.
15. Roast pumpkin seeds. 3 Flavors at least. Recipe will be posted.
16. Go to the driving range. Ok, not exactly Fall themed, but we have been wanting to do this for awhile.
17. Make Apple Cider.
18. Make Caramel Apples.
19. Have a themed family movie night such as, "Italian night". Italian dinner, Italian movie, gelato for dessert. A perfect family movie for a "French night" would be Ratatoille.
20. Ride the train in Snoqualmie. We have been wanting to take the girls forever.
21. Visit the Seattle Science Center.
22. Take Fall family photos.
23. Bundled up Zoo or Aquarium day.
24. Make a Fall wreath.

I am sure there are tons more I will come up with, but for now, thats all I can think of!
 What are some of your Fall to-dos? Leave a comment with your ideas for fun Fall activities!

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