Friday, September 6, 2013

Free People September Issue

Its no secret that I love Free People. I would love for my entire wardrobe to be 100% made up of Free People clothes. But sadly, I'm no millionaire and getting FP clothing is a huge treat. Anyway, I had to share with you today my absolute excitement on receiving their September catalog. I nearly died. Such gorgeous clothes! How do they come up with this stuff? And how is it that with each new catalog they still keep things coming that I am totally in love with. Its like they are reading my MIND! Allow me to share with you a few pages magnificence. I mean you open the first page and BOOM!

I of course gravitated towards the fur in the middle. Her dress, her booties, her hat. Is it Christmas yet???Then you turn the page and....
Beautiful. I am actually not a fan of the cropped skinnies. Not many people can pull them off and I don't think they are very flattering. If they were normal length they would be great. The pattern is so pretty though. And I adore her coat and booties. I am not usually a huge shoe person, but these are so funky cool. She looks like she is walking the streets of Paris. Oh wait, she probably is.
And speaking of Christmas......
How COZY do these outfits look for December?  I mean, I would be down to wear them the entire month. Like every single day. Shut the front door, cause FP just made flannel print dresses look cool.

 And this one. I mean really? I think FP clothing designers are sneaking into my room at night and tapping into my brainwaves. Maybe that's why I haven't been sleeping well.

How about this gorgeous (albeit ridiculously expensive) number? And its my fav color. The one true color.

I actually have a coat similar to this one that's a little longer and a little thicker. I love it. Its a hand me down from my mother. She and my dad bought matching sheep's wool coats when they travelled to Alaska to see the pope. Years ago. I wasn't even thought of yet. 
I love the elegance of this hat. Such a great cozy piece for Fall. I totally saw a replica at Cost Plus the other day too. Might need to take a trip back there. Her shirt is so sweetly simple. Being a mother of two kind of takes me out of the cropped top equation though.
So, that's what I have been lusting after lately. If you don't get the FP catalog subscription, you should sign up. Its free and even if you don't wear their stuff, its always so pretty to look at. The photography is also very pretty.

Have a great weekend everyone! Oh, and if any of you are wondering if I am ever going to show you the laundry room.....I am. I really am. I promise! I have been WAITING on these baskets for storage for like 2 weeks. Its been taking for freaking EVER to get them! But it should be any day now. And as soon as they come in, the Laundry Reveal shall be revealed. Fear not.

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