Monday, September 2, 2013

Hair Elastics

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone is enjoying the day.

I am almost embarrassed to show this tutorial today, because its so ridiculous what I've done....I featured hair elastics that you could buy in one of my 1st Brooke's Beautiful Finds and they were like $30....and these cost maybe......MAYBE 10 cents each. Yeeeaaaaah! Talk about an idiot. Well, lesson learned. Sorry for leading you all astray!You can make those cutesy hair elastics that you find in salons and boutiques for mere pennies! And here's how to do it.

1. Buy some colored elastic from the fabric store. You might need to look around a few fabric stores before you find some good colors. But it IS out there. Have them cut 1/4 yard piece for you.

2. Take home. Tie in a knot around your wrist, then burn the edges with a lighter. I cut the ends of mine in an angle so that you look just like the store bought ones. That's it. No kidding. Now you can make cute hair ties for you, your daughters or your girlfriends....for a dime. Literally! Amazing!

Never buying these things at a boutique again!
*Another great way to use this miraculous elastic material is to make them into headbands. Just cut more to your head measurements. They make perfect headbands for working out or wearing out. My head is abnormally shaped or something, because headbands will not stay on my head.....but pretty much everyone else can!

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