Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gold Toddler Purse

For those of you who want to know how I made the Gold Toddler Purse from the Wee People Look Alike #1 post from yesterday, your dreams are coming true. This purse is really simple to make and would make a great dress-up or holiday accessory for a special little girl in your life. Christmas will be here before you know it! I think I should really start making Princess carry around a purse. She always has like a million toys with her when we are running errands and it would really be nice to put them somewhere so I wouldn't be worried about losing them and then suffering the wrath and tears of a 3 year old child.

You will need:
Gold fabric 2, 9X11inch pieces (mine was a gold pleather suiting fabric)
Gold trim or tassels 9 inches (I couldn't find any gold faux leather tassels, so I used trim)
Sewing machine and materials (I used white thread)

 1. Cut 2 pieces of 9X11 inch gold fabric and 9 inches of your gold trim or tassels.

2. Pretty sides in, pin together the bottom sides of your gold fabric with the trim upside down in between. So that when it is all flipped right side out again, the pretty sides are out and the trim hangs out the bottom. Sew long the 2 sides and the bottom, leaving the top open, as it will be the opening of the purse.

Here is what it should look like after you have sewn the 3 sides and flipped it right side out again.
3. Now cut 1 or 2 (I made 2, but ended up using 1. Your preference) long 1 inch strips of the gold fabric, then fold in half and sew down to make long 1/2 inch wide ribbons. These will be the purse ties.

4. Using a measuring tape to make sure they are all even and line up. Punch 6 symmetrical holes in the purse for the ties to go through. The fabric should be heavy duty enough to not fray or rip where it is cut. 
5. String the ties through the holes. I made a loop in one side so that the ties could just slide through easily. But you could also make it into a bow.
6. Tie how you like and you're finished!

A little purse to carry around for adventures and errands. How cute would this be as a Christmas dress accessory?

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