Friday, August 30, 2013

Entry Table Restyle

Happy Friday! Today I have some before and after photos of my entryway table restyling. After seeing hundreds of people on Pinterest with these cool antique windowpanes, I was crazy jealous and wanted one sooooo BAD! But I didn't think I would ever be able to find one. Where does one find an antique windowpane anyway? Not off of any houses in my neighborhood, that's for sure! Well, I FOUND one!!!! I happened to find it while we were on vacation last week in a random antique store we decided to go browse (same place I got my strawberry fabric). I couldn't believe my luck, or how freakishly cute this thing is! Not to mention, it was the perfect thing to accent our old hutch in the front hall. And there are so many things you can do with it. You can hang photos, notes, banners, holiday decorations on it......oh the endless possibilities! Anyway, here are the before and afters.

 Here it is. Nothing special. Loads of potential. My new cute lamp sitting pretty.....


Looking much better with that windowpane to give it some depth and dimension.

Pictures can easily be switched out at any time. These photos are temporary until I can get some more current photos printed. The picture of Princess was when she was maybe 16 months old! But I think I'll keep the one of my proposal up. One of the best moments of my life ought to be displayed right!?
I am excited for all the different ways I can decorate it for holidays and seasons. So fun!
The birdcage I bought for Peanut's 1st birthday. I love that it fits right into the shabby chic / vintage style that I love so much. I'm trying to think of creative ways to switch it's look throughout the year... Maybe replace the eggs for some Autumn leaves for Fall? And yes, that's one of the hair bows I made for Princess on there.

Some very old books I picked up at a book sale. "The House of Love" seemed appropriate. :) A little teacup saucer for little bits and pieces, since this table always seems to end up being the catch-all place. I'm hoping that the smallness of it will keep the hubby from dumping the entire contents of his pockets in it......A girl can dream.

Now I have the perfect template to have an ever evolving entry table. Halloween and Christmas will be especially fun holidays to decorate it. Hope these before and afters have at least given some inspiration and ideas for your own homes! Have a great weekend!

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