Monday, August 5, 2013

Easy Charm Bracelets

When we were in Whidbey Island a few weeks ago I bought a set of cute little charm bracelets for Princess. She loves them, but of course a few of them broke and a few of them were lost within days. I thought they were the perfect jewelery pieces for her, because they were stretchy (easy on, easy off) and of course, girly, pink and "princessy". Since her birthday was coming up, I wanted to make the set complete again and include it in her "Dress Up" present. A princess needs her jewelery, you know. I actually had all of the beads for this from a project I did years ago, but I got the threaders, stringing and charms all at Michael's. They have a crazy jewelery selection. I could spend days looking at that stuff. Seriously, if you ever have a broken chain for one of your necklaces and you need a cheap fix, just go pick one up there. They have everything! All kinds of beads, charms, pendants. I think they have like 3 aisles just for jewelery making. You can make these charm bracelets for yourself or for your little one, all you need to do is adjust the sizing.

You will need:
Small (teeny tiny) glass beads (or really any you like)
A "needle" threader
Elastic stringing
1. Size the wrist to which the bracelet is going with the stringing and cut. Cut a little bit extra so that you can tie a knot for the end and then tie the ends together when you are finished. Remember you can always cut off extra, but you can't add more!

2. Tie a knot in one end; nothing too fancy. Then thread the needle into the other end. 
3. Start threading the beads onto the string. Make a pattern, make it all one color, make no pattern at all. Whatever you want!

4. Then when you reach the end (double check to make sure the size is right), slide on the charm (I maybe forgot to do this a few times) then tie both ends together tightly. A double knot should be fine. Trim any excess stringing. 

Little hummingbird to remind her of her Auntie in LA.

I made 3 with charms and one without. It made quite the cute set don't you think? I have to say also, although its time consuming, its kind of relaxing threading all those beads on. The concentration you have to have forbids you to stress. Perfect craft for nap time!

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