Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fairy Wings

Last night Princess was playing with her two Tinkerbell dolls. I could just sit and watch her play forever, it is SO cute! She sings and makes the dolls talk to each other (wish I knew what they were SAYING) and flies them through the air. It brings back memories of playing with my sister in our room.....we would play for HOURS in there dreaming up stories and games with our dolls and stuffed animals. Its so cool to watch all that starting to happen with my own two girls (well, Peanut not quite yet). That age of innocence is so beautiful and so sweet. I wish they could stay that way forever and I hope for their sake it doesn't go away too soon. Anyway, seeing her Tinkerbell dolls reminded me that I still need to give you all the Fairy Wing tutorial! So here it is.

You will need:
Plain wings (I got white "angel" wings from the party store. I think they were like $5)
Rit dye in color of your choice
A long, shallow tub to dye in (Tupperware that can be rinsed out and used again)
Gloves and apron
Matching tulle (2, 12 inch long strips of tulle)
Fake flowers
Hot glue gun
Sewing kit

1. The first thing you need to do is dye the wings. There are directions on the Rit box, which I thought were super confusing, so this is how I did it. Put on an apron and gloves (This is not optional, you don't want to dye your outfit!). Then pour the Rit powder into the Tupperware. I can't remember that exact measurements of water (I think it was like 2 cups of hot water) but it says on the box. Then I did half that amount with vinegar (so if it was 2 cups of hot water, then put 1 cup of vinegar). Stir around a bit and let sit for about 5 minutes so that all the dye can dissolve and mix in. Place the wings in the dye and press down, making sure that all parts are covered in the dye.

Let sit for about 5 minutes. You may want to leave them in for longer or shorter, so just keep checking the wings until they are the shade you want. And remember some of the color will wash out. Once the desired color is reached, rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. Then lay the wings out to dry.

Lola decided to watch over the wings for me. Yep, that's a cat tail over there.

2. Sew on the 2 strips of tulle to the center of the wings. I then tucked in the ends and sewed them in place so that it made a sort of pouf on both sides.

3. Hot glue on your fake flowers to the center of the wings. When doing this be careful not to let the glue gun get too hot. It can sometimes melt the flower stems. Cool completely.

Now the wings are ready for your little pixie!
I made a bunch of these for my daughter's birthday, but they would also be perfect for dress up or a Halloween costume. Its coming up before you know it. I asked Princess what she wanted to be for Halloween this year and she responded, "Toodee" (for those of you who don't know, its a blue cat-dragon from Yo Gabba Gabba). Ugh! No! She was Foofa a couple years ago for her 1st Halloween, but I don't know if I can handle another poofy Yo Gabba costume. I plan on asking her again in a few weeks.....with suggestions.


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