Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Outdoor Movie Screen

Good morning everyone! Once again, I'm not here.Well, I am. I'm writing this......just last week. lol. We are on vacation again. Whoo Hoo! This time to our family getaway spot in Hood River. I usually take 2 weeks off right in a row over the Summer, but we decided to break it up a little bit this year. It actually gave us more time off doing it this way.....sneaky. Today I am probably a. laying by the pool, b. walking around downtown HR shopping or c. eating the most delicious pizza in the world at Solstice Cafe. If I WAS home, I would want to be making this, DIY Outdoor Movie Screen from the blog Running With Scissors.

So freaking adorable. We don't have a movie projector, but this makes me really want one! I mean, who doesn't miss the old school drive in movie theatres? I've never even BEEN to one and I miss them. Yes, I feel cheated and deprived. My husband and I are always talking about doing an outdoor movie theatre thing for parties etc. I never would have thought to set one up in my back yard! GENIUS! Maybe a project for next Summer. We have the perfect yard set up for this. And I would just keep it simple and use a sheet. Have a big party and invite tons of friends. How cool would that be? Maybe next Summer....

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