Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lavender / Chamomile Body Scrub

Hello there gorgeous! I see your face is glowing!
I did my Berry-licious Face Mask last night and it was amazing! It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth! My little sister was reluctant to join me in the experiment and asked, "Are we supposed to eat this or what?" (which by the way, you totally could).  I'll admit, it looked VERY drippy. But it was not so bad. Since it was looking so watery, I decided to add 2 spoonfuls of the body scrub that I am sharing with you today and it was not as drippy as it seemed. I promise! So you can do that as well or omit it. It is just not a mask that is meant to be slathered on. So if you want a thick coat, put one layer on first, let it sit for about a minute, then put another coat over it and then relax for 15 minutes.
Note to all mothers: Beware of doing this with your children around! I may or may not have permanently scarred my girls for life when they saw me. OMG! Its a purple wicked witch of the west! I had every intention of being alone when I did it, but alas, if your baby is crying, you fly to them immediately! Princess looked at me in horror and then gave me a reluctant side hug (she was the one crying), then a few minutes later she came upstairs to find me. When she did, she ushered me into the bathroom saying, "Momma! Look in the mirror!" HAHA! Well at least someone is looking out for me! Needless to say, I assured her that it was just a face mask and that mommy would wash it off soon.
Anyway, I loved this mask recipe and I even used the extra in the shower to scrub my arms and legs. My skin felt great. And I must say, the scent of the honey is the most amazing smell ever. I think that's what heaven smells like. Total aromatherapy! I will use this recipe again for sure.

Today's Beauty DIY is for.......your body!
After reading up about all the benefits of the ingredients in this body scrub, I got really excited to try it out. I made this one up on my own, taking bits of knowledge from here and there. I have heard that cornmeal and oatmeal are great natural exfoliants for the skin, but until reading up about them, I didn't know just how much they could do. I added Lavender and Chamomile for the scent mostly, but they also come with a bunch of surprising health benefits! Here is what all of the ingredients in today's recipe can do.

* Oatmeal not only has anti-oxidants (what?) but it is a great gentle exfoiliator that removes dirt and impurities. It reduces redness, dryness and helps with irritated skin.
* Cornmeal also has anti-oxidants and is another gentle exfoilator that is non-irritating and great at removing dead skin cells.
* Lavender is anti-bacterial, antiseptic, can help stimulate cell growth in wounds, prevents scaring, can help with headaches, insomnia, acne, anxiety, depression, stress, sunburn and dandruff. Phew! Wow!
* Chamomile can help with sunburn, rashes, eczema, wounds, nausea, upset stomachs and much more. You can read more about the benefits of Chamomile in my Dried Chamomile Flowers post.

Lavender / Chamomile Body Scrub
1/2 Cup Cornmeal
1/2 Cup Oatmeal
Dried Lavender buds
Dried Chamomile buds

Place cornmeal and oatmeal in food processor and blend until oatmeal is finely ground and powdery. Add about 3 Tbls. of Lavender buds and 3 Tbls. of Chamomile buds and pulse until well blended. Keep stored in an airtight container for about 4 weeks. Note: if any moisture gets in the container, it will spoil or mold. So if you are keeping it around the shower, like I am, you want to be careful about getting water in there. If it does happen, don't worry, just know that the scrub will only last about 2 weeks then. Use in the shower daily as a gentle, awesome smelling natural exfoilator.

I can't wait to use this tonight and I know I am going to be making this recipe over and over again after reading about all it can do for my skin! I have always had issues on my arms with dryness and redness so I am excited to see the results over the next few weeks. I will let you know. In the meantime, enjoy!

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