Thursday, August 8, 2013

Toddler Scarf

You know you're tired when you wake up and realize you were having dreams about sleeping....and it was so amazing. So you can pretty much guess how I feel this morning! I decided it was a 3 shot coffee kind of day. Luckily that usually turns it into an uber productive day. Today I have already watered the entire yard, fed and clothed the children, done the litter box, emptied garbages, done a load of laundry and paid some bills. Phew! And its still morning! Coffee is amazing.
Anyway! When we were in LA on vacation we went to this children's boutique that had the freakin cutest clothes I have ever seen. Being on a budget, unfortunately all I could do was look and dream, but it did give me an idea for today's project. Toddler scarves. This boutique had these adorable gauzy scarves  for kids and after trying it on the Princess I knew I had to recreate it. I wanted to make one that was coral with purple trim, but I wasn't able to find any coral gauzy material, so these colors were my second choice. It still turned out adorable and I am very tempted to make one for myself. I almost (almost!) wish Princess was starting school this Fall because this would be a perfect "back-to-school" item. Now she is going to be so stylish!

You will need:
1 yard of fabric (cut into 2, 22X48 inch pieces)
4 yards of trim
Sewing materials

1. Start by putting your 2 pieces of fabric, pretty sides together. Then pin the trim along inside edge of the fabric, making sure that the tassels are inside. Once you sew it and flip it, they will be right side out again. Pin all the way around, but don't sew all the way around. Leave a small opening so that you can flip it right side out.

2. Flip the whole thing right side out, then tuck and pin the opening down. Then sew all around the whole scarf. This will just reinforce everything and make it look a little more finished. Try to keep the seam about 1/4 inch from the edge.

 3. Then you are done! A beautiful boutique knockoff for maybe half the price!

Perfect with a pair of jeans. Look at that pose!

Can also be used as a shawl.

So trendy and she doesn't even know it!

I really hope that I can find some coral fabric so that I can make a coral and purple one. Until then, this one is super cute! And its really a very simple sewing project for any new sewers out there. I promise!

Note: The laundry room makeover is taking a little longer than expected......budget So it will be another week or two. But it IS coming and its going to be amazing!

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