Monday, August 12, 2013

Pear Hair Mask

Over the weekend I was able to steal a few moments away from the girls to take a longer than normal shower and shave my legs. Which is a pretty big deal, let me tell you! I sat there thinking how sad it was that I actually thought this was a treat! I can barely even remember the days, pre-two-children when I could take a glorious 1/2 hour shower! Let alone do anything else. Now I'm lucky to even get one without getting interrupted or rushed out because someone decided it was the perfect time to go potty. So I decided right then and there that this week was going to be DIY Beauty Week! I'm taking a stand for myself! I deserve it! Every day this week I am going to show a fun DIY beauty recipe going from head to toe, (and share some tips along the way) so that by the end of the week we will all be gorgeous and pampered!
I will be trying out the recipes in the evenings so I will be able to give you feedback on the recipes the following day and let you know how well they work.

Starting from the top.....Hair!
Pear is supposed to be great for your scalp, as it has sugar compounds that moisturize and nourish. This recipe can be used once a week, to improve the health of your hair. The darker the pear you can find, the better, as the darker ones will contain more anti-oxidants.

Pear Hair Mask (From Whole Living Magazine)
1 Pear (the darker the better) chopped up into chunks
2 Tbls. Apple cider vinegar
2 Cups of water

Pour ingredients into a blender or food processor, then strain out the solids. Use the liquid after shampooing your hair and before conditioning. Massage the entire mixture into your hair. Rinse well.

Random hair care tips:
1. Another great thing for your hair! Try pouring on an amber or darker colored beer between shampooing and conditioning. It will make hair shine! Don't hesitate to drink any extra. ;)
2. Try not to shampoo your hair every time you shower (I have a hard time with this one). Your hair doesn't need it that frequently, as the shampoo can strip your hair leaving it dry. Your hair needs those natural oils to be healthy. If you are like me and like your hair feeling squeaky clean, try to go every other day without shampooing. On days that you don't shampoo, you should still use conditioner, but only on the ends of your hair.  
3. Brush hair from bottom to top to reduce breakage and split ends.
4. Don't wring hair dry with a towel. This will damage hair and give you that terrible frizz or short pieces of hair on  top of your head.  Gently dab hair with a towel to dry and either air dry or use a hair dryer.
5. Massage is a great way to stimulate the hair follicles and promote growth and healthy strands. Maybe take turns with your honey and give head massages!

Tonight I will be trying out the recipe and I will let you all know the results tomorrow. In the meantime, join me for DIY Beauty Week and take the time to treat yourself to a homemade beauty treatment every day this week! Enjoy!


  1. I agree about shampooing. I actually completely gave it up and only use a baking soda rinse and a apple vinegar rinse and my hair is amazing now. It has stopped falling out and is so much thicker and just as clean and I can use it as much as I want, so I dont feel so grimy and still get to clean it as much as I want.

  2. Just plain baking soda and plain apple vinegar? How much do you use? Do you alternate them? Thanks for the ideas!