Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Weekend In Whidbey

Another beautiful weekend spent with friends! We had such a wonderful time on Whidbey Island. We were spoiled rotten with good food, good wine and we stayed in the most picturesque place ever right by the water. It was truly heaven. The little town we stayed in was so cute with lots of fun shops that included an amazing ice cream place, a yummy bakery with GIANT cinnamon rolls and......a HUGE toy store. Trouble!
Check out this adorable little bath toy we picked up! A mamma orca and her babies? How cute is that?
I think it may have been more fun for me than it was for the girls. Princess just wanted the candy (chocolate covered gummy bears anyone?), but I loved seeing all the fun toys and books they had. I'm not exactly sure how we got out of there only spending $20. We got to walk around the local farmer's market (I'm obsessed with farmer's markets) where I bought some incredible cheese. It literally melts in your mouth. We walked on the beach and saw sea stars and urchins and tiny crabs that Princess thought were spiders (haha....oh gosh. That's a Momma trait).

I think the girls really enjoyed playing and being able to run around in the sunshine.
My gorgeous, bratty little thing.

And I mean, literally...they were running the whole time.
Why are those moments so fleeting? Why are weekends so short? Its just not fair at all.
One of the coolest parts of the trip was taking the girls on the ferry. Not many people get to experience that (I mean really. How many places are there where you can drive your car onto a boat and have it carry you across the water?) and Princess was just at the age where she could really appreciate it.
Her lovely "cheese" face.
Although at first I think she thought we were talking about "Fairies".....not "ferrys". lol. I think she got it in the end and she was very sad when we had to get throwing a tantrum sad. And now back to reality. Sigh. Happy Monday everyone!

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