Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fairy Wands

aka, Pixie I told you I was going to be posting a lot of party stuff over the next few weeks and I wasn't lying. Sorry! I still have lots to do. I'm also sorry for all of those mother's of boys. You are probably like, "Oh Gawd! Another girlie thing!" I have thought of you guys and I will do "boy" crafts at some point. I promise! But for now, all thoughts are on this fairy party. And I mean let's be real here. I have two girls and they are GIRLS! And honestly, so am I.
I have always been enchanted by fairies since I was young. I just think they are the coolest creation of the imagination. Who hasn't dreamt of having wings and magical powers? I even half-wrote a book about fairies. One day I would love to finish and have it published, but my gosh its hard to write with kids around. Or anything else for that matter. (Its no joke that mother's can't even have privacy in the bathroom. Princess follows me in there and tells me, "good girl momma!") Its not that I don't have the time, its just that I need quiet to write and that's pretty impossible. Oh well, one day. In the meantime I'm pretty proud of today's creation. Fairy wands! I kind of want one for three colors....

Here's the how to:
You will need:
Wooden dowels (mine were 1/4inch X 12inches)
2 different kinds of ribbon in the same color range
Glue (just make sure it dries clear)
Fake flowers

1. Take the ribbon and glue a little on the end then start to wrap around the wooden dowel. Wrap and glue, wrap and glue. Make sure when you start, you wrap the end of the ribbon over the end of the dowel, and then wrap the ribbon around the end of the ribbon so it doesn't come undone. Hopefully the following pictures will help illustrate that.

See how you wrap the ribbon over the end of the dowel?
Then you wrap the ribbon around it so that it stays on.
2. When you are close to the top, add the fake flower and wrap it in with the dowel. Keep glue-ing and wrapping.

3. Once at the top, cut the ribbon and glue it down.

4. Cut a length of ribbon and tie a bow (make sure to double knot it) around the place where the ribbon ended on the dowel. This will make sure it stays in place and doesn't unravel.

5. Repeat with the second ribbon going in the opposite direction for a little contrast. Space it a little so that the ribbon underneath shows. Finish the same way you did the first ribbon and tie a piece of ribbon in a bow around it.

Done! You have your very own Fairy Wand! This wand is pixie ready....

Lucky she was distracted with Peter Pan. This poor child is not getting any surprises for her birthday. She has seen everything I have been doing!

Here is one in pink.

Gorgeous wands ready for fairies at play. You can see the rest of them in a few weeks at the big party reveal! So excited!

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