Saturday, June 1, 2013

Market Awning

So I wasn't going to post today. I usually don't on the weekends. But I wanted to show you all this cute little awning I made for my sister's school. She works at a daycare/ learning center and she needed this for a little mini market play area. I'm not sure where she got the frame for it, but it worked perfectly for this project. It made me want to make a little market for my girls. Such a cute idea. But now that I have made this, I know for the future that I can make it. So maybe an idea for a future Christmas present or something. I didn't take down the exact measurements, because I figured no one would have the same size frame. But I took pictures of the process and I included general instructions to give an idea of how to make it if anyone is so inclined!

She gave me about a yard of fabric to work with. Super cute with the polka dots.

First I finished off the long sides.

Then I cut a section off, so that I could create pleats for the part that would hang down.

It took forever to get the pleats all EXACTLY 5 inches apart.

Again, pins are your friend! I never used to like using pins cause it takes forever but now that I have started to use them, they really make a difference in keeping everything straight! I pinned down the pleats and sewed them together.
Then, I sewed the pleated side to the top.

I folded the sides until they fit perfectly around the corner, then sewed it down.

I added bows to tie down the top of the awning to the frame and velcro to wrap the sides around the corners. That way it wouldn't fall off.

There it is. A little market awning for a little farmer's market. Hmm, going to the farmer's market sounds like a perfect thing to do today...Have a beautiful weekend!

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