Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hair Bows

A girl can never have too many hair bows. I have tried many different hair accessories for my girls, but the ones I like the most are little clips and bows that have a clip attached. But it has to be the right kind of clip. Not too big or too small. I can't tell you how many different kinds there are that don't work. The velcro ones? Don't waste your money. And the plastic ones are cute but don't stay in. The right kind of clip is especially useful when your baby girl doesn't grow much hair in her first year of life and everyone who sees her calls her a boy (even when they are blatantly wearing pink)....ergh!!! Actually Peanut didn't get it as much as Princess did. I think its because her eye lashes are so long. They are the envy of every woman including me. Anyway....this tutorial is a non-crafter's dream. Its ridiculously easy. All you do is buy the parts and put them together. I did two different kinds of bows and one of them you don't even need glue.

All you need is:
Alligator clips (Or the bendy clips if you can find them)
Premade bows (seriously)
Hot glue gun

This is what the premade bows look like. They come in tons of different colors and patterns. The top white clip is just one I was repairing. :)
For the premade bows, all you do is stick them onto the alligator clips.....really. It has double sided tape already on it. Or you could take off the double sided sticker and slide it through the slits in the felt. It already has slits too. I mean come on! You could also get really fancy and make the bows yourself. I may do that eventually but for now the premade ones are amazingly easy.

Here is the other color I made. Love the neutral color palette.

For the second kind of bow I made, I just tied a little piece of ribbon into a bow. (Make sure to tie it tight.) And then I hot glued it onto the alligator clip and trimmed the ribbon to the length I wanted. Done!

My husband has been telling me that I needed to make Sounder's bows for the girls for awhile now. Now they finally have some bling (team spirit?) to wear to the games when they go. And hey, it matches perfectly with Peanut's Sounder's cheer outfit. Adorbs!
Beautiful bows! I am so glad that now I can just make the girls bows if I ever need a specific color for a special occasion or anything. Now that I can make my own, I may never go back....maybe. Those boutique bows can be so tempting! I would like to try and find the bendy clips though. The alligator clips work fine, but I feel like the bendy clips will hold more hair. And just so everyone knows....those premade bows? You can make those yourself too. And its really not that hard. There is a good (and funny) video tutorial from the blog Joyfolie that shows an easy way to make them using felt. She also sells the cutest shoes on etsy. Enjoy!  


  1. Where did you buy the fabric part to put on the clips?

  2. At Michael's Craft Store. They come pre-made just like that. I'm sure you can find them at any major craft supply store though!