Thursday, June 20, 2013

Forest Elf Hats

As promised, something for the boys! Princess has more friends that are boys, than friends that are girls. So consequently, (since she is having a Fairy Party) I had to figure out something for the boys so they won't feel left out of the party while the girls dance around in their wings and skirts. So I decided that the boys could be elves and that I would make them Elf Hats to wear. I still want to figure out something else for them (an accessory?)....but I don't know what. What else do elves have? Leather pouches? Pointy shoes? Any suggestions people? Hopefully I can find something cool for them before the party. I searched and searched the internet for ideas on this and the only "elf hats" I could find were all Christmas-y. Um, Hello! There is such a thing as a non-Christmas elf! That's part of why I wanted to make the distinction that these are "forest elves". They have nothing to do with Santa or the North Pole. To give them a more "forest elf" feel, I changed the material (fleece wouldn't work out so well in July) and kept the color scheme to a forest green color. I found this tutorial here for the general instructions on how to make an elf hat. This proved to be a lot easier than it first appeared. And I'm glad....cause I have to make about five of them!

You will need:
Lightweight green material (I used a green linen, so that it breaths in the Summer heat)
Green thread
Sewing machine
Leaves or sticks for embellishment
Paper and pen

1. Measure your subject's head. I found that most little boys 2-3 years old have approx. a 20 inch head. (Yes, I did actually go around and measure some of Princess's friends. They were like, "What the!?") Then I took 2 pieces of printer paper and taped them together. Then I drew a rough pattern onto it with a swirl at the end for the point of the hat. Just make sure if your subject's head is 20 inches around, that you make the base of your pattern about 10 inches.

2. Cut out your pattern and then cut out two pieces of fabric from it.

3. Sew around all sides except for the bottom.

4. Flip inside out and flip up the base of the hat. (I decided not to finish the ends because I thought elves wouldn't look that fancy)

Elven Princess

Stop being so cute child! You're killing me!
5. Add embellishment if you want. I did leaves and twigs to complete the forest elf look. I took a piece of fake leaves off of the fake flowers I had, then hand sewed it onto the hat. (Keep in mind too that if you wanted to do one of these, say around Christmas time, you can use felt or fleece instead of linen and add some red, fur or bells for trimming! Ho Ho Ho!)

Now only 80 million more to go. My ocd party planning is exhausting me! Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. You are WAY too crafty. I just LOVE it. I want an elf hat now.