Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flower Rings

I am always breaking my jewelery. Don't ask me how. I will just put on a necklace sometimes and it literally just falls apart. Maybe its because the majority of my jewelery is cheap....Maybe its the children pulling on it all day. Probably a good assumption. My husband knows all about it (he is my professional jewelery fixer). One by one my necklaces fall apart and I put them aside in a little jar for him to fix. You would think that as crafty as I am I could fix them myself......but I can't. Bending those little metal things hurts! He gets around to fixing them maybe twice a year and then its like I have brand new jewelery again! Whoo Hoo! I was browsing craftgawker for ideas today and came across, hello gorgeous! What a cool idea. I thought what a great way to make some fun new rings. So natural and earthy! So Free People! So me! (I adore FP.....FYI) Except I wanted to make mine with fake flowers so that they would last a bit longer.....potentially anyway. If they do break at least I will be able to fix them myself.

You will need:
Fake flowers (small)
Jewelery wire
Hot glue

1. Cut a piece of wire and wrap around the finger you want to put it on. Twist to close.

2. Make a small circle above the twist that is large enough to fit the base of the fake flower. Trim the excess wire.

3. Dab some hot glue in the small circle and push your flower into it. Let dry.

Now you can make some gorgeous, fun Free People-esque rings!

Anyone reminded of Maid Marian's ring in the cartoon Robin Hood? Anyone? Totally looks like hers.

Had to copy her adorable cat pic. Lola wanted to eat it.

And of course I had to make a couple....Just in case.

I am in love with these! Perfect cocktail rings for wearing on hot Summer nights while sipping fruity drinks under the sun......I want a drink now. lol. This could be a great gift for your girlfriends too. Maybe tie it onto the top of a brown papered package....tied up with strings. haha. Hope the song doesn't get stuck in your head.

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