Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Father's Day

Hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating their daddies! It was my husband's request that we get away for his special weekend. So we took off for our family spot in Hood River. It was great. We BBQ'd, shopped, layed out by the pool, went for a run, had delicious food at our favorite breakfast spot and Princess picked flowers to her heart's content. We got to test out the new Road Trip Organizer that I made on Friday and it was awesome! The only problem with it was that Princess, being strapped into her car seat, couldn't reach anything in it. So consequently I was stuck reaching back and grabbing things for her every 5 minutes! Oh well. It was pretty awesome to have a spot to store all her toys and snacks and it did great at containing some of the mess that they made back there.
Besides taking a trip for Father's Day, we also took lots of photos for our daddy to put in his office. He is always asking for new, updated photos of the girls and since they grow so quickly, they are almost always out of date! I was going to give him a photo of each one of the girls and then enlarge one of them together. But when I got to the store to print them off, I saw that they had poster options! So I thought, "What a cute and different idea!". I made a quick sign using some chalkboard paint, chalkboard markers and a piece of cardboard so that the girls could hold it up and show their love. I originally thought he could hang it in his office, but those cubicles aren't so spacious, so we are going to hang it in his side of the walk-in closet, so he can see it every day when he gets ready for work. Here are the poster children. :)
This is the one I blew up to poster size. I can't believe how cute it turned out.
I was so lucky to have gotten these photos. I got off work late and there was some ominous looking clouds coming our way, but it was my only chance to take the pictures so I had to go for it. So I grabbed the girls, threw them in the stroller, then practically ran to the park. As we were getting close to the spot I wanted to photograph them I saw the huge rain cloud coming that was obviously pouring down rain. Frantically I took them out of the stroller placed them by the pretty birch tree and told them repeatedly, "You're so pretty! Smile for Mommy! Look at Momma! Look at MOMMA!" As I clicked away as fast as I could, any passerby probably thought I was a crazy woman. They'd be right. But it was so worth it. We finished up our last few photos just as the first few drops of rain began to pour on us. Here are some of the other gems I caught.

My goofy girl
 I love how relaxed and chill Father's Day is. Even though men are typically the hardest people to shop for, they really are pretty easy to please. How hard is it to crack open a beer and prep some meat for them to throw on the grill? But the best part about it is that they bring things into perspective for us. Good food, good drinks and family time are all they want for their special day. And they may be the very things that we take for granted sometimes. Its so cool that they remind us of that on their day. To appreciate the simple, but most wonderful things in life that are right in front of us. My girls are so lucky to have the daddy they have (just as I am lucky with mine). I am so glad that they will grow up with his beautiful example of generosity, kindness and that never ending joy for the simple (but most beautiful) things in life. Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband, my own wonderful Daddy and all father's!

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