Monday, June 3, 2013

Floral Head Wreath

Mondays are always so busy for me. I always feel like I am playing catch up after the weekend. And its not like I sit on my butt all weekend either. We ran errands, worked on the yard, weeded (practically took out a forest in our side yard) BBQ'd, went to a puppet show, watched Les Miserable (and that took a few hours, believe me). Anyway, I feel like Monday is the day that I am always taking care of what I didn't accomplish during the weekend or cleaning up FROM the weekend. Such is life right? A mother's work is never finished. All we can do is take a break once in a while with our glasses of wine (AKA The elixir of is the other elixir of life. The 2 beverages I couldn't possibly live without). Among all those things I needed to catch up on today, I really wanted to get started on these head wreaths for Princess's party coming up next month.

Here is Princess's wreath that I made a few months ago.

Here is Peanut's wreath that I used for her birthday invites.

She didn't want to wear the wreath today, but at least she was smiley!
They are actually super easy to do. They maybe take 15 minutes tops (but as you know, I need to make several) And they are adorable. I wish my children would wear them every day. I have been promising this tutorial for a while too. I think I mentioned them in my very first post. I made one for Peanut to wear for the pictures in her birthday invitations. Such a cute thing to have for their dress up collection too. Anyway, here it is.

You will need:
Florist's tape (At any craft store)
Fake flowers and leaves
Green pipe cleaners

1. Gather and cut all the flowers and leaves you want to put on your head wreath. Leave a small part of the stems on because that is how you will attach them to the wreath. I usually break off what I want to use and then form a pattern with them, but you can put arrange them in any way you want.

2. Form 2 pipe cleaners in a circle that fits around your child's or your head (whomever the wreath is for) and twist the ends together. You can also make 2 circles with the pipe cleaners (meaning you would need 4 pipe cleaners, total) to make the wreath a little more sturdy. This time I just used 2.

3. Then taking a long piece of florist's tape, start twisting the tape around the first flower and the pipe cleaner circle. (The tape has one side that is a little bit stickier....and this should be used as the inside of the wrap)Twist and wrap, twist and wrap. The tape will stretch and that's good. If you don't keep it tightly wrapped, it won't stay together. Keep going around each and every flower or leaf until the entire circle is covered. You can space out the flowers a bit, or bunch them more so that the wreath is very thick. The one I used to Peanut was very thick with flowers, but this one I made for the party was a little more sparse.

4. Then when you reach the end cut or rip the tape and smoosh it into the circle. Or you can secure with a little clear glue if you are worried about it coming apart. Then you're done! See, an easy afternoon craft.

She's actually happier than she appears to be. There's candy in that mouth of hers.

There you have it. Floral head wreaths for the little pixie in your life.

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