Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dress-Up Necklace

Good morning friends! So I'm still working on my dress-up present for Princess's upcoming birthday. I decided that she needs accessories next. So I'm thinking bracelets, necklaces, scarves, hats. Today I'm making a dress-up necklace that I found inspiration from here. I must say, hers is pretty rad. Those are actual gumballs she uses for beads! Yum! I'm sure Princess would prefer that one to mine! Oh well. I thought mine turned out pretty cute anyway and it will be great for using again and again in her dress-up box. And for once I didn't use the little miss as a model, so at least this part of the present will be a surprise! :)

What you will need:
Beads (wooden or other)
Paint (to paint the wooden beads)
Craft paint
A hair clip

1. If your beads are wooden, (mine were) paint two coats of paint on them, then do a layer of Modge Podge. (If you have other beads, such as plastic, skip this part.) Let dry completely.

2. String the beads onto your ribbon putting a small knot in between each one (just like the Fabric Necklaces)

Love that Robin's Egg Blue!
3. Make your fabric flowers. Joyfolie has a great video tutorial here or you can just follow my pictures and directions. Cut out 6 small circles of fabric, roughly the same size and one that is slightly smaller than the rest.
The top two piles are the circles for flowers. The bottom right are my two leaves and the bottom left is my circle of felt for the base of the clip.
Take a larger circle and glue a small dot then fold in half, then glue another small dot and fold in half again.

First fold.

There is one petal.
These are your "petals". Continue with the rest of the larger circles. Then glue all of your petals onto the small circle.

4. Cut out 2 green leaves and prepare any extra embellishments you may want (beads, extra petals in different colors etc). Cut a small circle of felt and then make two small slits in it. Slide the clip through.

5. Now glue together your flower how you want it, then glue to the felt/clip base.

6. Clip onto the necklace. Voila! Ready for the dress-up collection.

My little girl loves her necklaces....Can't wait for her to see this one.

So Anthropologie looking! Hmmm. Might need to make one for me.

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  1. I dont know how you have the energy to do all these amazing things! Those are some really lucky little girls!