Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heart Pillow

I love rainy days like these. It makes me just want to curl up in bed with some comforting food (Homemade Mac and Cheese sounds perfect) and watch movies all day. It's the kind of weather, where if you are out and about running errands your home just calls to you to, "Come home!", "Come get cozy!". I love it. Today's project is perfect for this type of day where you just want to snuggle on the couch. In addition to being great Valentine's decor, it also works as an every day accent pillow. My little Princess seems to love it quite a bit too....The last thing she needs is another fluffy thing in her bed. Her bed is so full of stuffed animals, she can barely get in at night!

You will need:
Some cotton fabric (I used two different patterns so that it would be different on each side)
Sewing materials
A Tea stained doily (You can see my tutorial on staining doilies here.)
A stencil or other heart shape
A light washable marker

1. Trace a heart shape onto your first piece of fabric using a washable marker and cut out. Repeat with the second fabric. For my stencil I used a heart shaped plate I have. You can always freehand it if you don't have any heart shapes around.

2. Pin the pretty sides together and sew most of the way around the heart. Leave an opening for the stuffing.

3. Flip right side out and stuff with fluff. Winnie the Pooh style.

4. Pin the hole closed and hand stitch to close it.

5. Pin the doily on the pillow. Play around with different places to put it. I found there were lots of ways that it looked cute. Sew all around the edges of the doily to attach to the heart.


Other ideas to make this pillow even COOLER!

* When you are stuffing the pillow with fluff, add some dried lavender. It will smell so good and will be so relaxing, everyone in the family will want it for movie night!

* You can make the heart smaller and add a little pocket on the front (for messages). Use as your family's heart pillow. Whenever anyone leaves town or goes to a slumber party, they take a little bit of the family with them so they won't feel apart.

* If you know a little girl who doesn't have an over-abundance of stuffed animals (like my daughter) this would make a cute gift.

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