Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cupid's Arrows

Looking for an easy Valentine's craft to do with the kids? Look no further. These little arrows shot from Cupid (of course) are the cutest and so easy! I used mine for decoration and spread them around the house, but these would be so cute as a homemade Valentine for your kid's school or party! They would make a great party favor too if you are throwing a Valentine's party this year. Or you could hang a bunch of them from a chandelier. Or you could attach it to a gift for your honey. Tons of ways to use these cute little things.

You will need:
Valentine's Themed Scrapbook Paper
Valentine's Themed Washi Tape
Valentine's Themed Paper Straws (P.S. Right now all Valentine's stuff is like 40% at Micheal's)
Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

1. Using your heart cookie cutter, trace 2 hearts on the scrapbook paper and cut out.

2. Tape the straw to the top (inside) of one of the hearts.

3. Place a couple of pieces of tape (doubled over) on the inside of the heart and secure the other heart to it.

4. Secure two (facing) pieces of washi tape to the top of the straw. Trim to make it look like feathers. I did mine in a few different ways. Look at the finished pictures to see. That's it!

Cupid's Arrows! Watch out, or you might fall in love!

There are so many ways to use this sweet little V-Day craft. What ways can you dream up?

Have fun!

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